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  1. Thank you for all the help, I have uninstalled Google Chrome from the control panel. Hope nothing will go wrong anymore.
  2. So yesterday night as I was looking on youtube I decided to run a scan using Malwarebytes. It found 15 malwares and all of them were PUP including some (2) that were Adware.Yontoo. I quarantined them, and I said to myself " It's alright now." but guess what, I ran another scan and there was one PUP that was still showing everytime I ran a scan, so I uninstalled google chrome, I installed AdwCleaner I ran a scan, and I cleared everything. I restarded my pc and boom. "PUP File" So I went to where the location of the PUP was and I deleted the whole Google folder. After that I scanned ag
  3. Alrighty, thank you for the help, i wanted to see if there were any other option but i guess i just gotta get the 1 year option. Thanks again for the help!
  4. So i've noticed that my malwarebytes premium trial is going to expire in 4 days, and i'd want to upgrade it to premium, but the only 2 options are for 12 months or for 24 months. Is there any way i could upgrade for less,like 2-3 months because i'm holding some money so i can buy myself a new phone.
  5. Alright! Thank you for all the help! It's nice that i do not have to worry about anything though i will reinstall my windows on friday and i will remove all the files just to make sure. Thanks again for all the help!
  6. The file that was a threat i think was where my opera is installed, "Opera\the ip\opera.exe" i think it's ok right?
  7. Thank you for helping em and yes,it was a web block,it also said it was a trojan but the thing it the folder was one of mine from the appdata, but i'm guessing it is not something to worry about.
  8. So as i was editing something in pixlr,i finished and decided to run a scan using malewarebytes.After the scan was done there was a small pop-up saying " Learn more about Trojan" and that it blocked i.cubeupload.c0m and something else that i could not click because of my notifications from discord, and the pop-up went away,should i be scared? I really need some answers.
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