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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for the help. I finally got a chance to submit my domain to the other area and they got it cleared up.
  2. Thanks for the links, but I'm still having trouble with this one. I see a number of references to "payload.exe" and "ping.exe" however I have searched my web folders and can't seem to find any such files. There doesn't seem to be any reference on either of the above links which show WHERE they found this file at under my domain? Did I miss something? If I accidentally hosted an infected file on my server I certainly want to get rid of it. About the only thing of relevance I can seem to make out of these pages is that my domain is somehow listed as a reference within this virus. I als
  3. I am seeing entries on hpHosts for sourpuss.net and www.sourpuss.net (at different IP addresses). Could someone please review these records and let me know why it was considered a malware distributor? Thanks.
  4. Thank you for that. I did in fact find two listings for sourpuss.net, both from over a year ago, with no information other than the domain was rated EMD. I went ahead and sent a request there asking for information and removal, should I wait for a reply from them or go ahead and also create a new post in the other forum group you linked to? I'm also confused as to what information I am supposed to provide. The topics you linked to all assume someone actually has a windows computer available to get a report from MBAM. I have no such machine, and as such I've never had any need for thei
  5. I've been searching for awhile now trying to find something on the Malwarebytes website that allows me to search for my domain or IPs being blocked, but there doesn't seem to be any such tool, so I'm turning to the forums as a last resort. For some time now I have been getting reports from people who have tried to view my picture gallery stating that Malwarebytes is blocking them from accessing a malicious domain. Well that is rather generically unhelpful. Could someone please provide some information as to WHY you think my domain is a problem? The domain name is sourpuss.net, and is h
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