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  1. Hello LiquidTension: Thank you for getting back to me on this. I followed the instructions in the previous reply. The memory dump was to big to attach the file so a link is enclosed. The support tool file is enclosed. https://we.tl/t-tQlGLKcXVf mbst-grab-results.zip Thank You
  2. I never heard back on this so I thought I would try it again. i did a scan and it hangs up even quicker than the time before. i downloaded the program and extracted the dmp file it created. The link for the file is https://we.tl/t-aSvoeSD4jN. Thank You
  3. exile360 & dcollins: Thank you for the reply. I had forgotten to extract the files on to my desktop. I followed the directions and the link is below. https://we.tl/t-RtOnvVMqnv Thank You
  4. Hello dcollins: Thank you for your reply. I downloaded the program and rank the scan. It froze and I right clicked on # 5 from the folder in step # 1. However no option comes up to let me run it as an administrator when I do this. Any ideas on how I can bring that option up? Thank You
  5. Hello exile360: Thanks for the reminder on backing up the files. I did that yesterday and should be good to go. I will do the disk defragment over the weekend and let you know next week what happened. Thank You
  6. Hello exile360: Thank you for your reply. i ran the chkdsk. It got through step 1 of 5 but then froze on step 2 of 5 with just a little bit left to go before step 3. I think I will try to do a disk defragment next and then do a chkdsk after that and see what happens.
  7. Hello: I am using Malwarebytes When doing a threat scan it will work fine an usually find 0 Threats Identified. However when I do a custom scan say of the C drive it will freeze on a file such as "C:\WINDOWS\INSTALLER\{90140000-0011-0000-1000-000000OFFICE}\PUBS.EXE" or some other file. I would like to be able to do a complete scan without it freezing. Thank You mbst-grab-results.zip
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