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  1. I would like to preface that when it comes to computer security, I'm a bit paranoid. I've even developed a habit of checking my Activity Monitor and running scans through Malwarebytes every now and then because of how concerned I am regarding such matters. It's something I accrued spontaneously, I know not to download or visit shoddy websites or files, and have a fair amount of extensions installed on my Google Chrome (IE: Ghostery, Adblock Adguard, Ublock Origin, Pop-Up Blocker Pro) just for that extra security measure when browsing the web. Today, I noticed that one of the processes in my Activity Monitor is called -i and I wasn't sure where it came from, but after sampling the process apparently its also called RTProtectionDaemon, why the different name? I also notice that the number of files vary when I am checking the scan reports on Malwarebytes, is there something I can do about it? Granted the difference in files are not all that large and I have deleted some unnecessary files prior to some scans, but the results of the last two scans do have me curious especially since I haven't been doing anything with my laptop (except having it put to sleep when I lower the screen). Sorry for any inconvenience caused and looking forward for any replies!
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