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  1. Ok, you mean when still in quarantine? Would that work? I always thought they are somehow changed (compressed/encrypted or something like that) so that they cannot do any harm - and therefore also wouldnt be detected by malwarebytes... Or do you mean after restoring? That would work for the File, but I have no Idea how to scan the registry entries manually or if this even makes sense...
  2. Hello, just found this thread I had the same detections, great to hear that these are false positives. I just would like to know how malwarebytes handles restored files (out of Quarantine). Are they in a way "Whitelisted" (for example if I had restored the Files of the Quarantine before the fix, would have Malwarebytes re-detected them during a scan or ignored them?) Or is there a way of specifically scanning the files before restoring them?
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