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  1. Alright so I guess it was nothing to worry about in the end. Kind of had a feeling something seemed strange about it popping up identically on 2 different computers at the same time who aren't linked in any way. Thanks alot for the help, much appreciated.
  2. It did not pick them up with a standard scan.
  3. I'll restore them again and run a standard threat scan.
  4. I right clicked the "windows.old" folder and picked the scan with malwarebytes option.
  5. I did a restore on the quarantined items and then ran turned off the scan for rootkits in the options. Then I scanned the WINDOWS.OLD folder again. The same 2 files got flagged again. Are you sure this is nothing to worry about?
  6. It is in quarantine so would have to restore to scan it again I think. Should I do this?
  7. Order of events: - Ran a full system scan with malwarebytes yesterday on laptop. - Did a windows update yesterday on both desktop and laptop. - Decided to do a full system scan on Laptop today, after which it found 2 notepad.exe files as malware in C:\WINDOWS.OLD Malware.Generic.4236541952, C:\WINDOWS.OLD\WINDOWS\SYSWOW64\NOTEPAD.EXE, Geen actie door gebruiker, 1000000, 0, 1.0.24656, 716BA54E48A9D426FC848000, dds, 00740846 Malware.Generic.4236541952, C:\WINDOWS.OLD\WINDOWS\WINSXS\WOW64_MICROSOFT-WINDOWS-NOTEPAD_31BF3856AD364E35_10.0.18362.693_NONE_CF0F2E5D362498EF\NOTEPAD.EXE - Ran a Malwarebytes scan on the same Windows.old map on my Desktop to check and it seems to detect the excact same Files. Not sure if its a false positive but its sudden appearance on both computers out of nowhere seems a bit suspect. Made a copy of the files it found and put it in a zip added here. Scan Export.txt Mbytes Possible False Positive Notepad Files.zip
  8. So this was a false positive then? Nothing to worry about?
  9. Here is the log I think you need. There is also a file called MBAMSERVICELOG.LOG.bk1 in the same folder, but that seems to be from 5 days ago. Not sure if that's something you need. If you really need it I can try and add the Nortonsecurity.exe tomorrow, don't wanna risk restoring it right now in case its bad. MBAMSERVICE.LOG
  10. My bad, i was trying to follow instructions for wrong MBAM version before. No wonder it didn't work in reports there is the protection event that says, 'Ransomware blocked' I am guessing you need the log for that one, since all my scans where normal. Since the file where quarantined, I guess i have to restore them. Isn't that risky though? What if its not a false positive? The file you want is "C:\Program Files\Norton Security\Engine\\NortonSecurity.exe" I am guessing? Should I just restore it and see if I can add the file? How serious of a risk do you think this might be? I'll add the log in here for now. MbamLog.txt
  11. Norton Security was detected as Ransomware right after a Live update patch. I have been running Malwarebytes Premium and Norton Security side by side without problems for a while. However, something suddenly went wrong just now. Here's the order of events. - My computer had just rebooted since it had just have a crash. - Right after it booted again I went through my routine of updating virus definitions of both malwarebytes and run norton live update. - Malwarebytes update finishes first as usual. Norton says it has a new patch, as it sometimes does. I install it. - Immediately after the patch has finished, I run live update again since often it seems to have some definition updates for the new patch. - And here is is when it went wrong, during the the live update, Norton says it failed. about 0.5 - 1sec after malwarebytes has a pop-up that says it blocked ransomware. - Everything that was quarantined as ransomware seems to be Norton Antivirus files. (norton doesnt work anymore since its quarentined) Not sure what to make it, I didn't do anything out of the ordinary here. Also, on the Malwarebytes dashboard it still says 0 Real-Time Protection detections for some reason, its probably not important, just thought it blocking ransomware would count as Real-Time Protection. I tried doing the log thing with running mbam.exe /developer. But since that doesnt seem to work for some reason, ill just post some screenshots for now so you can at least see what was detected.
  12. Good news, Clean install worked. I wasn't asked to reboot though, immedatly after cleanup it just asked to install the latest version of Malwarebytes. Last time I pressed repair and I thought that actually seemed to do a clean install. Guess it did not. When I did the repair before it did ask for a reboot tho. Still confused about what started this bug, but happy its working now. Thank you for your help.
  13. I'll try it like this https://www.dropbox.com/s/sbhakgvw7qc554z/mbam.zip?dl=0 not used to dropbox, hope this works.
  14. Yes, so far the freeze occurs every single time the icon is pressed. Very odd how it suddenly started out of nowhere, never had an issue before. I've tried to add the dmp file, but zipped it still is 78MB, so its too big (unzipped its 225MB). Is it normal for it to be that big? Maybe I'll find another way for me to add it. MalwarebytesFreeze.LOG
  15. Its been 3 days now and the problem still persists. I've noticed when it crashes the malwarebytes tray application might be unaffected, and its just the malwarebytes window that freezes, but im not completely sure. I haven't tested every button in malwarebytes, but so far everything seems to work fine other the the "bell' icon crash. I can still update, and do scans as normal. Also would like to know if I have anything to worry about with that blocked site. If it got blocked by malwarebytes and scanning doesnt find anything I probably have nothing to worry about right? And the problems are probably unrelated? I have added a screenshot of what it exactly looks like when I press the icon.
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