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  1. I ran revo uninstaller, selected EVERYTHING malwarebytes, deleted all files. Ran installer again and all went well. Clients reconnected. Back in business. Please close this super active thread.
  2. OK, I uninstalled the Management Server as well, ran the installer and installed with the same settings as last time (using port 4434 instead of 443.) I run the Management Console, use , Admin, and my password and get "The console is unable to connect to the Management Server..." The Management Server is running, on netstat I can see port 4434 is listening. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Should I just uninstall everything, then reinstall, then use my backup to restore? I'm just worried as I have quite a few clients already connected to this server. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Hello, I've uninstalled my management console and need to reinstall. When I run mbmc-setup- again it informs me "The same version of this product is already installed." I did make a backup of the Management Server Data beforehand. How can I reinstall just the Management Console? Thank you!
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