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  1. OK that makes sense, thanks again for your assistance. Regards mrchris76
  2. Hi nasdaq, Many thanks looks like that's done the trick and cleared it off. Just out of interest why is it that MalwareBytes Premium can't handle this on its own? Thanks mrchris76
  3. Hi nasdaq I found another source of the FRST tool and this one works. See attached FRST.txt and Addition.txt. Thanks mrchris76 Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. Hi Nasdaq Thanks for the response. I have tried to follow these instructions already but as I mentioned in my initial post the FRST tool will not run correctly for me. After launching it will go into a loop where it says there is an update, close down, re-open and repeat endlessly. I have to kill it in task manager. Is there another method we can use to get the log files you need in order to help me? Thanks mrchris76
  5. Hi, I am having the same issue as many others have had in removing the PUP.Optional.SearchManager from Chrome on my Windows 10 PC. I have MalwareBytes Premium, ADW and Hitman Pro, all detect and remove but it comes back next reboot. I tried to follow the instructions provided elsewhere but the x64 version of FRST I grab just goes into an endless update loop and I have to kill the process to stop it. So I am unable to provide the output that that tool generates. I have also followed the instructions posted here, without success. It always returns. Can someone please provide a working version of FRST tool so I can follow the rest of the instructions in getting this sorted? Thanks in advance mrchris76
  6. Hi, I am also having the exact same problem in removing the PUP.Optional.SearchManager. I grabbed the FRST tool but that goes into an update loop that I have to end task to close down. Looks like that produces something I need in order to get help in removing this permanently. Can someone provide a copy of FRST that actually works? Or provide some other assistance, I have tried Hitman Pro, ADW and also have MalwareBytes Premium. All detect and remove but it ALWAYS comes back. Please help.. its doing my head in! Chris
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