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  1. I planned to keep this conversation in English anyway, it is important to keep it this way. I see... I personally love the North, born and raised you, come here, the veal is amazing. Yes I use Chocolatey, it is a package manager, it keeps me from downloading every single program I have to install, I just run in the command line and presto, everything is installed without a fuss, even my Malwarebytes was installed with Chocolatey. https://chocolatey.org/
  2. Hi, I run malwarebytes premium (evaluation) in my computer right now, both in my c disk as in my g disk, the g disk is the clone of the infected disk I told you about (an exact copy, even the white space was cloned), I tried to run the frst64 in my g disk, but it seems it only scans the main disk. Anyway, no threats were found as far as I could understand (I might be wrong). All I can tell about this menace in specific is that it seems damage the boot sectors, I can't anything more. I'm attaching all the reports I could run. The malwarebytes report is in portuguese, I hope this isn't a problem, I'm also from Portugal Android8888, but I live almost opposite to you in Fafe. Kind regards AdditionC.txt FRSTC.txt test1.txt test2.txt
  3. Hi Malwarebytes team. I think I have an unidentified type of malware in my main computer. Here is the deal, when I bought my main laptop a Lenovo V510 my computer started acting very funny, like somehow during briefs moments my mouse started acting alone as if it had life, windows would also zoom in out and out (for example firefox). I always suspected I had malware in my computer, so I run my Zone Alarm Free and my Malwarebytes. However both didn't detect much. The symptoms continued. Later just for safety I bought the internet security version of Kaspersky. And I run the software, nothing was detected. The malware lied dormant in my computer for a year, sometimes it would move my mouse, but with less frequency. Last week my computer started breaking away, not working at all, it wouldn't even load. I thought all of this was an hardware problem, so i went to the shop where I bought my laptop and they told this was some kind of malware trying to damage the first sectors of my laptop, the thing was trying to damage my harddisk. So I did the same thing, I picked up a copy of PartedMagic and wrote zeros in the whole disk and rewrote the disk, but not before cloning the disk with clonezilla. Now I have an external disk with an exact copy of my computer. I did copy some of the data to this computer, so it might be infected, if I feel like this computer is infected with this kind of malware I can do the same thing. In this case the malware would be isolated in an external disk. Could you help me out remove this extremely annoying malware? Kind regards
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