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    Taking a look at 7-Max

    So, I recently learned of an ancient open-source utility called 7-Max, which aims to reduce Disk I/O and wasted CPU cycles on Windows by switching from Small Pages (4 KB each) to Large Pages (2 to 4 MB each), as Windows doesn't natively support them (or at least it didn't at the time, I don't know if that's changed). However, it can cause some instabilities, and it also doesn't really get along with User Account Control (or Data Execution Prevention for that matter). http://sevenmax.sourceforge.net/ Any thoughts on this? 🦊
  2. Amaroq_Starwind

    Real time threat map

    If you're super worried about system resource use, bundle it with CleanMem to automatically handle any memory leaks (system-wide, even), and set all the CPU thread priorities for the Screensaver to Idle. You can also write it in raw x86-64, i486 or ARM64 assembly, make the program PAE-aware (on a system driver level), and use Large Memory Pages.
  3. Amaroq_Starwind

    Anti-Theft Measures

    A lot of other security suites available for iOS include a variety of Anti-Theft measures, such as locating your device with GPS (including sending a signal flare right before the device runs out of battery), and providing a Thief Cam. I think having a Thief Cam would be really helpful, because not only would it show you who tried to get into your phone and kept getting the password wrong, but if it were to automatically upload the photos at the first opportunity, then it could also tie into facial recognition in some form. I also have a few ideas to expand on the Thief Cam concept; GPS/Bluetooth Signal Flare during photo burst(s). Recording a Delta-compressed photo burst, instead of just a single photograph, in case the perpetrator looks away... with a second photoburst on a short delay, triggered to fire as soon as the camera detects a face. A smart crook would likely try to look away during the first photo burst, but they probably wouldn't expect a second one. Taking a photo burst from the phone's rear camera, in order to get a good look at the phone's surroundings. Could also include camera flash, partly to disorient the perp. Ambient sound recording, to help identify the location based on ambient sound and/or identify the perpetrator by voice. Audible alarm, to draw attention. Perpetrator Fingerprint Capture. Thoughts? 🦊
  4. Amaroq_Starwind

    Intel Processor Detection and Mitigation Results

    I don't remember, and I'm not sure how to check off the top of my head... nor am I even at my laptop right now 😕
  5. Amaroq_Starwind

    Miscellaneous Windows Registry Talk

    To start off this thread, I would like to ask a question. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Registry How come nobody ever uses QWORDs in the registry?
  6. Amaroq_Starwind

    Wireless Network Utilities

    Given Apple's policies, would it still be possible to implement any of the following features as a general-purpose network utility? If not, please explain why in detail, and/or if there might be any feasible workarounds. Network Scanning, a la Fing or WiFi Guard (requires location data) Network I/O visualization and history, (a la GlassWire) WiFi password sharing with contacts and other Malwarebytes users, using transparent Public Key encryption WiFi hotspot mapping (a la the popular WiFi Map and Airport Utility apps, but requires location data) Detection and database of unsafe wireless networks (may require location data) Auto-Connection to Open Hotspots (but only when a VPN is in use) Sharing of network connectivity with other Malwarebytes users (even on other platforms) via Bluetooth Sharing (hotspot) and a combination of RSA and Public Key encryption Duplicate SSID detection, aka "Evil Twin" detection Device Name masking (hiding your device name from wireless networks) Speedtest.net / pingtest.net integration If any of these are viable, I'd love to hear it.
  7. Amaroq_Starwind

    Wireless Network Utilities

    Hence why I want to provide aa thorough review of the different apps so that it's easier to figure out what features are actually worth providing, and how best to implement those features in the first place.
  8. Amaroq_Starwind

    Miscellaneous Windows Registry Talk

    Well, it could also just scan the registry at regular intervals to silently record any and all changes that occurred since the last periodic registry scan, and using existing APIs to determine what processes were running at that time to try to deduce which processes were responsible for which changes (again, recording only, no immediate actions). Nowhere near as detailed as a complete registry audit, but also nowhere near as power-hungry. It could also only audit the registry in more detail when certain types of processes run (such as installers), when a process needs to run with administrative privileges, when processes run while the user isn't actively using the computer, when the computer is running on AC power, and/or even just when an unrecognized process runs for the first time, etc. There are a lot of ways that you could configure it. Also of note; the integrated graphics of modern AMD and Intel CPUs do actually have compute capabilities, and GPU computing is actually quite energy efficient compared to running everything on the CPU only... But regardless, there's probably better solutions to everything.
  9. Amaroq_Starwind

    Malwarebytes VPN

    Well... looks like somebody's on the case~ Maybe we won't have to wait long after all for a true Peer-to-Peer VPN to be realized.
  10. Amaroq_Starwind

    Real time threat map

    Sorry, I meant "Stars of the Night", not "Stars of Jupiter". What I said about a Live Threat Map music visualizer/screensaver still applies though.
  11. Amaroq_Starwind

    Real time threat map

    I read your post right as Dynatron - Stars of Jupiter started playing in the car. Now I also want a Malwarebytes visualizer pack for Winamp and Windows Media Player >.<
  12. Amaroq_Starwind

    Windows 10 Malware

    Maybe Malwarebytes should include a Windows-wide AdBlocker, might even make the computer run faster. Skype especially would benefit from that~
  13. Amaroq_Starwind

    Miscellaneous Windows Registry Talk

    @exile360 All the more reason to consider GPU Acceleration for Registry Auditing, especially since you could use GPU memory for it. Also, you would only need to audit Writes, not Reads, and there could be a Whitelist of processes that were safe to exclude from Registry Auditing (since again, it would track registry edits on a per-process basis). One more thing to consider: Always have these sorts of things be Optional Features; don't turn it on by default, but whenever a new update hits, have a notification display that experimental new features are available. That way people don't freak out about their graphics card suddenly sounding like a mythical deity got her tails caught in a jet turbine, but they will still know that a new feature is there for them to try out, with a disclaimer that it may make their computer a fair bit louder.
  14. Amaroq_Starwind

    Windows 10 Malware

    Nah, it's too poorly designed to be considered Malware. It doesn't even obfuscate
  15. This blog post got blocked by the Malwarebytes Chrome extension while I was doing my research. https://chriscummins.cc/2017/deep-learning-in-compilers/ I guess Malwarebytes doesn't like computer science >.<
  16. Amaroq_Starwind

    What is the best way to report key resellers?

    Maybe the Malwarebytes chrome extension should include a "Report unauthorized license resale" option in the context menu 😜
  17. Amaroq_Starwind


    Unless I'm mistaken... The lead developer of MCShield was @TwinHeadedEagle, who's currently a member of the Malwarebytes staff. So why isn't MCShield available on the Malwarebytes website, or integrated into Malwarebytes? When I try to download it from its own website, the Malwarebytes chrome extension says that the download is blocked due to reputation.
  18. Amaroq_Starwind

    Malwarebytes VPN

    Well... One could always go the Peer-to-Peer route. Less upkeep on Malwarebytes' end, since everything would be hosted by the people using it~ 🦊 I'm honestly surprised that a true Peer-to-Peer VPN service doesn't exist yet, at least to my knowledge.
  19. I had an idea recently that might be really helpful for MBAM users who like to socialize online: A Malwarebytes bot that can be added to Skype group chats, Telegram group chats, and/or Discord servers, scanning links and files being passed around to inform everyone whether or not they're safe or potentially dangerous, or even taking moderator action (auto-deleting the offending file/link) if needed/permitted. Seeing as social networking and instant messengers are becoming increasingly important and widely used in today's online world, and it is extremely easy for potential threats to be delivered this way, I feel like this might be an important step towards a safer internet. Remember, just because the people visiting this site take precautions doesn't mean their friends automatically do, and the purpose behind my proposed bot is to keep them safe as well. Please share your thoughts with me. I'd love to hear them! 🦊
  20. I'm surprised that this thread hasn't attracted more attention... I think keeping the internet as safe for everyone as possible is a perfectly noble cause, and a Malwarebytes bot/extension for Discord would be perfect for protecting everyone on your server.
  21. Amaroq_Starwind

    Caller ID for Malwarebytes Users

    This one is a pretty simple concept; whenever you receive a call from a phone number associated with a Malwarebytes account, you will see their chosen name along with a "Malwarebytes User" badge. You could also probably provide a simple Peer-to-Peer VoIP calling function, similar to Telegram's:
  22. Amaroq_Starwind

    Apple Watch version?

    There are some existing apps on the app store that already do this, it seems... Some more functional than others. There's also an app which uses your GPS instead of Bluetooth, to show you a map of ATMs, Gas Pumps, and so on which have been marked as Unsafe, as well as the locations that haven't had a Skimmer report in the past six months. Unfortunately, the app doesn't actually work, it just shows a satellite map with no information. 😕
  23. Amaroq_Starwind

    Apple Watch version?

    On the TestFlight app, I noticed a field which said "Apple Watch — No" Though I don't own an Apple Watch, this makes me wonder; could the Malwarebytes iOS app be extended to provide Apple Watch protection as well?
  24. Amaroq_Starwind

    Wireless Network Utilities

    If you'd like, I can share a list of various security-related apps from the AppStore via PM, so that you can go over the various features they have.
  25. Amaroq_Starwind

    More configurationoptions for Advanced Web Protection

    Another idea; Peer-to-Peer VPN Service, using a combination of RSA encryption and transparent asymmetric encryption. By adopting a Peer-to-Peer model as early as possible, this can minimize the demand on resources for ever hosting a real VPN in the future, while also preventing excruciating slowdown (see thread: Slowing iPhone Down) because the service would be hosted by the people using it (complete with load-balancing, latency optimization, and redundant pathways for network traffic). The use of RSA private key encryption between devices and Under-the-Hood public key encryption at the start and end points will be a surefire way to maintain privacy and security, even with multiple users acting as Peer-to-Peer hosts, and you could also piggyback off of other VPN services via setting up a second VPN profile as the final destination. Perhaps compression could also be implemented, to minimize the drain on people's bandwidth.

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