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  1. Holy crap. I knew Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (a Source 2 game) had serious problems, but... the original Counter-Strike? Seriously?! I used to play GoldSource games all the time online... This is actually really shocking for me.
  2. You're kidding, right? I just requested a feature addition for it yesterday. That said, I still appreciate that software developers are currently adding more security features to their products, because additional layers of security are never a bad thing (unless you're the one trying to break into a system). I might even give TOR browsers a try. I've yet to find any good VPN clients for Windows, though.
  3. Don't worry about it! I'm the one who should have been more clear.
  4. Generally, the most secure answer to a secret question is something completely nonsensical that only you'd understand. For example, you name a person when it asks for a place.
  5. I thought I'd be able to provide some insight by looking on Google, but "CheeseTwistKGL" provided no results beyond, well, pictures of cheese twists and recipes for making them. I kind of want some cheese twists now. In addition to providing the MalwareBytes logs, also go to the folder where the file was located, and tell us what you find. If it was a legitimate program that was mistaken for a false positive, we may be able to ascertain its purpose by looking at the associated files. Screenshots might help also.
  6. *sigh* How can I explain this...? Most android devices share a common file structure, and most use filesystems that computers can already work with. And the Android version of MalwareBytes can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, but it has recently been restricted quite severely. As such, the only way to get a fully-featured version of MalwareBytes onto Android would be to sideload it, an activity which MalwareBytes does not condone because of how difficult it is to do it safely. Of course, I actually had this idea before I learned what happened with MalwareBytes on the Google Play store. If the Sideloading process were performed by the PC MalwareBytes client itself, though, and if the files being sideloaded onto the device were also provided from within the PC client, then it would be a lot less dangerous to work with since MalwareBytes could make sure you were always receiving the correct files and that they couldn't be tampered with. And if you're able to synchronize an Android device with a Windows computer, then any malicious software running on an Android device could be detected over USB and removed. As for MicroSD Sanitation... that might actually be harder to do to be honest, now that I remember that MalwareBytes can't really detect threats in that way. @exile360 might be able to back me up on my explanations. Not sure if my idea is entirely feasible however.
  7. And here we go: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IP_multicast Turns out there's numerous different extensions to Multicast, so it should already be well-suited to this feature. Side-note: I really hope that I eventually get the permission to edit my own posts, even if the edits have to be moderator-approved before they're shown to the world. I just really dislike having to make multiple posts in a row.
  8. Actually, in IPv4 you can use something called MultiCast to cut down on the number of packets you need to send, since you just need to send a single packet for every MultiCast address or destination you're polling, and it will take care of polling everything below it. At least that's how my dad explains it. I'm also not sure what the equivalent would be for something like IPv6. You could also use a database for Verified websites, not just Fraudulent ones, and any websites which are known to be associated with MalwareBytes would of course also be part of the database. You wouldn't even have to update a clientside database constantly, just periodically, and anything not already in the database can be uploaded as needed once its status has been determined by the client.
  9. "Not be reversed"? I'm sorry, but I don't quite follow. What do you mean by that?
  10. I'm sure that there are ways to cut down on the amount of traffic that it would generate. The exact nature of that, on the other hand, I'm not entirely sure.
  11. The Webroot SecureAnywhere browser extension will show an icon next to websites on a Google search results page if the websites in question have been verified as legitimate (example, a green checkmark in a circle). That feature should be added to the MalwareBytes extension for Chrome and Firefox, along with a different icon for websites which have have been suspected as fraudulent (a red exclaimation in a circle), and/or a Malwarebytes logo for websites which are directly affiliated with MalwareBytes. Maybe it could also generate an identicon preview for URLs you find on a search results page, determined by the IP address which is hosting the website.
  12. Very belated welcome to the forum, @SamDil, and also welcome @webeagle. A Search Engine Optimizer isn't something I've heard of before, but I myself have been trying to spread the word of MalwareBytes as far and wide as possible. Maybe you can give me some more direct advice? If MalwareBytes had little button links that I could include in my signature on other forums, then that'd be helpful too.
  13. If anyone here would like to share random facts about themselves or the world, this is the thread to do it. If you do not wish to share any information about yourself, then you have no obligation to participate. My random fact(s) of the day: The name Amaroq is an alias of mine, since I try to avoid using my legal name online unless I have a good reason to do so (such as when signing up for a job. I haven't had much luck there). I first started using the name several years ago because I was only twelve when I started using the internet (I'm 21 now), and it is also the name of a wolf from Inuit mythology. I was inspired to use this name by a really good book I had read, called Julie of the Wolves. My favorite color is blue. Especially a dark, vivid blue. Bonus points if it is accented by White, a Golden-Yellow, or both. My favorite musician is Wolfgun, though I am a fan of electronic music in general, especially the kind that is sequenced by the player or engine during playback as opposed to being rendered as a WAV file or MP3. I am predominantly left-handed, except when using a computer; I always use the mouse as if I were right-handed, since I don't have to reconfigure anything that way. I have never exactly been photogenic. I am also not in the best shape, so that may also have something to do with my distaste for photos being taken of me. My voice can sound somewhat young or effeminate at times, especially over the phone, due to years of practice in trying to emulate the voices of various singers and actors. Though I have friends all over the world (thanks, internet!), not once have I set foot on another country's soil. Given recent sociopolitical and socioeconomic trends however, both domestic and worldwide, I have been strongly considering moving to another country at the first opportunity. I probably wouldn't last five minutes anywhere else, though, excluding Canada due to its overall similarity to the US.
  14. The Bitdefender, Kaspersky and Avira offline scanners use signature-based detection. They look for things that match a description. Malwarebytes look for things that are behaving weirdly, but when everything is asleep, it's much harder to tell if something is behaving weirdly.
  15. If you want to save some money, I'd suggest building a Hackintosh. There are some video guides out there.
  16. I've requested this myself before, but there are issues. MalwareBytes doesn't have a license to package a Windows Preinstallation Environment, and porting Malwarebytes to Linux hasn't been achieved yet. Not to mention, it would be difficult to read the registry and filesystem of an offline Windows system and make any changes from Linux without potentially screwing stuff up. Now, if you wanted something that resided on your computer and booted before the rest of Windows did, you could try building a Native API application, but that wouldn't be entirely feasible for more than a few reasons. So yeah, it would actually take a lot of time and effort to create, unfortunately.
  17. I'm not quite sure, to be honest. Sorry that you haven't gotten a response sooner.
  18. @Hyperwolf122 You should show us some of your artwork.
  19. It would be an optional thing, probably, enabled by SysAdmins and uploaded only for their own workgroup. There's also ways to build encryption that can't be easily defeated by quantum computing, and since this would be managed by D'Wave (who have extremely strict policies about privacy and ethics)... It's complicated, but I suppose nobody has to go down that rabbit hole if they don't want to. At the very least, cloud-based quantum computing could still be used to enhance the already existing machine learning aspects of Malwarebytes.
  20. You can get more information on this from Microsoft's blog. I can't wait to see scanning of case-sensitive files and directories implemented.
  21. That's fine, thank you. I actually asked here because I hadn't had the chance to scan it yet, but now I don't have to. I'm going to share the good news with my friends.
  22. Oh, wow. Twitter embeds are super broken... Here's the actual URL of the download in the event that moderation neuters the embed: https://wolfgun.space/rezs-flowers
  23. A musician friend of mine recently made an application called Rez's Flowers, a sort of dynamic vizualizer that creates its own music. However, people who've tried it out have gotten warnings from SmartScreen. I haven't had a chance to download it myself yet, but I promised that I'd get it run through Malwarebytes as soon as possible in the event that it shows up as a false positive.
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