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  1. Amaroq_Starwind

    mbae-test tool

    Do you have the non-64 bit version anywhere?
  2. Amaroq_Starwind

    Linux Weird files.

    There's a Malwarebytes for Linux currently in development, if I'm not mistaken.
  3. Amaroq_Starwind

    Researcher finds simple way of backdooring

    Just create a utility that continually scans the registry keys for existing users, and corrects them if it's detected that the Guest Account is suddenly an Administrator. https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-find-a-users-security-identifier-sid-in-windows-2625149
  4. Context _generated_background_page.html I forgot to disable the Webroot Filtering Extension when I installed MBAM. It has one nifty feature I'll miss though; on search results pages, verified links will have a green icon next to them, unverified links will have no icon, and I think known bad links will have a different icon (though I've never seen it myself).
  5. Amaroq_Starwind

    Issues with the Webroot Filtering Extension

    I can try that in a little while.
  6. Amaroq_Starwind

    Issues with the Webroot Filtering Extension

    When you say no fix, does that also mean no workaround? :<
  7. Amaroq_Starwind

    What are you listening to?

    https://wolfgun.bandcamp.com/album/road-to-jupiter My personal favorite track (As Stars Fall) from my personal favorite musician (Wolfgun)
  8. *sighs* Lovely. Just lovely.
  9. Amaroq_Starwind

    Issues with the Webroot Filtering Extension

    *Specifically, when I installed the MBAM Chrome Extension, it produced conflicts. My bad. (When can I have permission to edit my own posts?)
  10. Amaroq_Starwind

    OpenACC; GPU Compute for Malwarebytes?

    Well, it still doesn't seem like it would take much time at all to compile a test build and see what comes of it.
  11. Amaroq_Starwind

    Offline Scanning / Pre-Boot Scanning

    By multiple-boot, I meant multiple operating systems on a single device, but still allowing Malwarebytes to detect threats to either one as long as it understands the filesystem or other basic structures of the OS. There are drivers on Windows, for example, that let you detect and correctly operate various filesystems used by LInux and other platforms. I think I'm going to put this issue to rest for the time being, though, because it is getting a bit off-topic now.
  12. Amaroq_Starwind

    Feature Request: Dark Mode and other GUI stuff

    Do you mean like this? Yeah, it's vaguely similar to High Contrast, but also not.
  13. Amaroq_Starwind

    Offline Scanning / Pre-Boot Scanning

    If you guys do make an offline scanning system for MBAM 3, though, then it would give you a chance to experiment with a lot of OS-independent optimizations that could benefit the user later-on (perhaps even rewrite the slowest parts of it in raw Assembly instead of C++, to squeeze out every last ounce of bare-metal horsepower), or to handle viruses detected on other operating systems in a multiple-boot setup.
  14. Amaroq_Starwind

    VirusTotal Integration and Definition Sharing

    Ah, I thought VirusTotal was a completely independent thing, my bad. Perhaps if the VirusTotal integration were more apparent, like a VirusTotal Results tab on the GUI for detected items, it'd lead to fewer redundant suggestions like I just made >.<
  15. This is a pretty neat idea that I had a while back, and now I'm finally getting around to sharing it. 🦊 The premise of my proposition is that Malwarebytes would regularly retrieve data from VirusTotal when running a scan, and any detections during the scan would automatically be uploaded to VirusTotal. Furthermore, it might also be possible for Malwarebytes to actually download and import definitions from other Anti-Virus programs, such as Windows Defender. And perhaps by extension, even upload its own findings to the servers used by the programs in question. Mutual protections for a safer internet. What do you guys think?
  16. Amaroq_Starwind

    Offline Scanning / Pre-Boot Scanning

    Maybe I just have an obsession for over-engineering
  17. Amaroq_Starwind

    Feature Request: Dark Mode and other GUI stuff

    You know how Twitter and Telegram have Night Modes, and how Discord has a dark theme? It's much easier on the eyes, especially in dark rooms, and frankly it just looks better. Well, Windows 10 has that as well. I will send screenshots when I get the chance.
  18. Amaroq_Starwind

    Feature Request: GlassWire and FairAds integration

    I already have the extension, but it completely removes ads as opposed to merely reducing their number and replacing them with safer/less annoying ones, and nobody gets supported as a result. That said, I could still turn off the Malwarebytes adblocking and keep all its other functions.
  19. This one is a fairly simple one to prevent bots from attempting to change settings, especially critical ones. It is also something already done by WebRoot. There are also three different types of Captcha you could implement, for extra security: - Answering a question (like which is often a requirement to join forums). - Typing in a set of randomly generated characters. - Selecting a set of images. - Any combination of the above As always, please let me know what you think of this idea. There's plenty more where that came from!
  20. Amaroq_Starwind

    Suggestion: PUP Prevention

    PUP Prevention is a surprisingly simple concept on paper; when dealing with those offers that installers will often come with, PUP Prevention will automatically uncheck the checkboxes in question by default, and will warn the user with a prompt if they try to accept a potentially unsafe offer, both of which would work to prevent accidentally installing a potentially unwanted program. However, I did not come up with this idea myself, all the credit goes to Unchecky; https://unchecky.com/
  21. Amaroq_Starwind

    Adding protection to Instant Messengers

    I'm not sure how viable it would be with programs like Telegram, but adding an Instant Messenger category to the Application Protections and enabling protection by default for programs like Discord, Telegram (again, if it's possible), and especially Skype would be extremely welcome. This is especially true because of how easy it is to get viruses through the peer-to-peer file sharing that services like Skype and Telegram provide, not to mention Skype's built-in advertisements which are extremely susceptible to being Malware-infected. I don't know if it would also be possible to do automatic adblocking for Skype, but if it were, then that would eliminate the for the existing workarounds which need to be implemented manually by the user, are not as applicable to newer versions, and have negative side effects like disabling the home page. As always, questions or feedback about this idea would be appreciated..
  22. Amaroq_Starwind

    Feature Request: Dark Mode and other GUI stuff

    Any other GUI stuff you'd want to see?
  23. Amaroq_Starwind

    Malwarebytes Support Tool questions

    Automatically updating or submitting tickets to get in touch with the support staff? From within the program? I am getting a lot of deja vu here. I'm working on something related to reinventing tech support stuff as a personal project. If I learn you guys and myself are on the same wavelength, then I hope that at least gets me some brownie points. I can't wait for this to eventually become part of the main Malwarebytes suite.
  24. Amaroq_Starwind

    OpenACC; GPU Compute for Malwarebytes?

    And I guess while one's at it, OpenMP is another option to experiment with, and any any code which isn't suited to the GPU could instead be rewritten in assembly versus C++ over time, leading to more performance improvements and lower storage/memory requirements for the sections of code which do not benefit from GPU acceleration.
  25. Amaroq_Starwind

    Option Request: Require CAPTCHA to change critical settings

    Ah, okay. I understand. Sorry x.x

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