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  1. Maybe I'll install the 64-bit version of Windows 10 Enterprise when I finally get an SSD (a 500 gigabyte SSD is somehow only $80, and would be a huge improvement over the current 160 gigabyte hard disk), then I can work on backing up everything from the old installation. I do wish there was an automatic utility for restoring data and settings between Windows installations, even for different architectures, as long as you still had your old hard drive handy, but hey... You can't have everything. Since I have an external dock to plug hard drives in, everything should be alright.
  2. Unfortunately, NTVDM x64 has dependencies on leaked Windows NT source code that you need to obtain from elsewhere. As such, the only time I actually want NTVDM, I'm unable to use it on my Windows 7 machine... But when I was given this laptop, it still had a bunch of stuff on it with nowhere to back it up to, and the previous owner had mistakenly installed the 32-bit of Windows 10 on it. And Microsoft, in all their infinite wisdom, made it impossible to upgrade from 32-bit Windows to 64-bit without doing the equivalent of a Reformat and Reinstall.
  3. Drat, another really helpful feature with no 32-bit support... I really wish there was an easier way to migrate from 32-bit installations to 64-bit without losing anything, barring the obvious caveat of having to get fresh drivers.
  4. Weird... it says it will work on 32-bit Windows 7, but only 64-bit Windows 10. Maybe the default settings in 32-bit Windows 10 prevent it from working correctly? I'm going to see if it runs, but if it doesn't, I'm not sure what to try next.
  5. I have come to realize that something like this might also be a beneficial feature to iDevice owners using the Windows-based version of Malwarebytes, but the macOS version would still probably be a much more viable recipient for such a feature.
  6. I forgot, because I'm an idiot sometimes. I kept thinking of OPSWAT instead... >.<
  7. I mean when doing things like trying to restore a maliciously altered file to its original state, trying to correct issues with the registry, having a fallback in the event of false positives, verifying updated components during installation, updating logs, sanitizing and/or immunizing files, etc. If I do come up with something more immediately useful however, I'll make a note of it, but somebody else might figure out that use before I do. Malwarebytes was just one of many examples though, and there are lots of other things that could probably benefit from using TxF. As I said before, Microsoft Office is an example of a program that would hugely benefit from TxF, and the same with any program that stores settings in either an INI file or an XML file.
  8. Says it's for 64-Bit. Currently looking for the 32-Bit version...
  9. So I recently read about something interesting, called the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator, which is an open platform for allowing multiple third-party security providers to work together intelligently and the like. I'd suggest giving the page a read. https://www.mcafee.com/enterprise/en-us/products/epolicy-orchestrator.html So, does anyone think it's worth adding Malwarebytes to this?
  10. Still trying to think of ways that Malwarebytes could hypothetically make use of TxF besides basic data loss prevention during remediation steps... Drawing up blanks at the moment though.
  11. Finally got the final one installed... A17. Can't wait to play around with the new BIOS settings. I'll also attach my new detection results screenshot in a bit. Thank you!
  12. Okay, I got A10 installed, but now A17 is saying that I need A11. I'm not seeing that on the downloads page.
  13. Malwarebytes is great, but it isn't perfect. It honestly cannot get everything, but there's a reason it is designed to work either existing Anti-Virus software. It's not a true replacement. The truth is, nothing can be 100% effective on its own without a catch, such as having to resort to the nuclear option of running a HIPS. So rather than blaming Malwarebytes and calling it a defective product, try to work with the community to resolve the situation and help it detect threats such as this in the future. Now, it is highly recommended that you run the Malwarebytes support tool and install the latest updates, as well as the latest updates for any other security software you may have installed.
  14. Thanks. A09 installed successfully, but A10 and A17 keep throwing up errors about not being able to deliver the payload, or something like that. And then the screen went completely black after an Apple software update attempted to install, and I was forced to perform a hard reboot. Still waiting for the computer to come back to life...
  15. I forgot the most important part... What do folks here think of Darling? I think it should become a part of Wine... and I would love to get both Wine and Darling running on Windows (Wine because it has better backwards compatibility for Windows and DOS stuff than Windows itself does), but WinKVM, Cygwin and Microsoft's own WSL are all insufficient for this... and until Microsoft incorporates real Linux kernel components into Windows, those are sadly all going to stay that way :<
  16. So, Transactional NTFS seems like an extremely helpful feature, as it can prevent damage to the filesystem and files on it in the event something goes wrong, such as multiple programs trying to edit the same file, unexpected power loss, etc. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/fileio/transactional-ntfs-portal But in classic Microsoft fashion, they're considering deprecating the Transactional NTFS API because nobody is using it. Which is stupid, because if they decide to deprecate it, then nobody is going to want to use it... And yet the need for the features in Transactional NTFS is actually quite prevalent in a number of real-world scenarios, and I feel like the only way to get Microsoft to not deprecate it is for people to actually start using it. If more people were to actually try to use Transactional NTFS, then others might want to follow the example, and more, and more. I do not wish to see Transactional Filesystems go the way of WinFS (I still mourn for you, Windows Future Storage), and I will be deeply saddened if it does. Not only could Microsoft's own products probably try to make better use of TxF, but I feel like maybe Anti-Malware solutions could make better use of it too. For example, if Malwarebytes were to implement Transactional NTFS support, it could probably be helpful for remediation purposes, not to mention they could mention in a blogpost (or even in advertisements) that MB3 would officially support Transactional Filesystems, and other Anti-Malware vendors might even take notice. Does anyone here want to help spread the word regarding Transactional NTFS, try to work support for it into your programs, and/or discuss ways existing software could be updated to utilize it (for example, in what ways might AV software make use of it)? And because it's directly related, what are your thoughts about WinFS? Would an open-source, cross-platform spiritual successor be viable, and how would you try to make use of it? As WinFS isn't actually a filesystem, but instead an operating system component that operates on metadata, I think it could potentially be supported on (and perhaps be greatly to beneficial to) a wide range of systems. Further Reading: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WinFS https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transactional_NTFS https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transaction-Safe_FAT_File_System Seriously, give me your thoughts! (By the way, Wikipedia lies about WinFS being reincarnated as part of ReFS, which doesn't even support TxF.)
  17. What's the possibility of using the Voice Recognition and/or Siri integration in iOS for being able to control Malwarebytes settings with your voice, even outside of the app? And is there anything else it could be used for, like voiceprint-locking the app so that unauthorized users can't change settings if they get their hands on your phone for a moment or two?
  18. So, I'm sure a lot of folks here have become familiar with Wine by now, but has anyone here heard of Darling? https://www.darlinghq.org/introduction/ I just learned of it recently, myself. While similar to Wine, it's a lot younger and has a different goal, being a macOS compatibility layer instead of a Windows compatibility layer. I wonder how well it will go... I have held an interest in projects such as Wine, DOSBOX, AROS and WinKVM for a long time, and I can't wait to add Darling to that list.
  19. Okay, jeeze, sorry! Like I said, I got extremely busy with time-critical stuff. Anyways, here's the data. "Default System BIOS" doesn't tell me a whole lot, but this is a pretty freaking old computer... DxDiag.txt
  20. I’m not asking about a way to sideload apps in general, I'm just asking about getting a proper Anti-Malware setup onto a phone without having to jailbreak it. But thanks, I'll take a look at your link.
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