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  1. Actually, on the subject of the old VPN hook, is there any way that I could still use it by setting up the VPN profile manually? Like, are there any instructions for doing so?
  2. Amaroq_Starwind

    Regarding TestFlight and Malwarebytes

    Okay, that raises some serious questions, such as how some of the apps I use every day even got approved for beta. I wonder what it would take to convince Apple to approve a non-sandboxed Anti-Malware solution on their mobile platforms.
  3. Having a portable, secure and lightweight client, similar to the lines of Telegram, that could run outside of a browser and let you stay in touch with the Malwarebytes Community (including staying on top of recent blog updates, beta releases, the forums, etc) would be very helpful for people like myself who need to travel a lot, but don't want to stay out of touch with their favorite communities. What features would people here like to see in a hypothetical MBCC (Malwarebytes Community Client), and what forms would your ideal implementation be in?
  4. Amaroq_Starwind

    Could Malwarebytes run on Windows 95?

    So basically what you're saying is that a lot of that functionality would need to be rebuilt from scratch in assembly? Where's your sense of adventure? The whole point of an MBAM 95 discussion is a brainstorming-for-fun kind of thing. 🦊
  5. Amaroq_Starwind

    Could Malwarebytes run on Windows 95?

    I believe that Microsoft has tools for making Windows NT programs completely portable and cross-platform, IIRC, by building the libraries in question directly into the program. I'll have to find the docs again and verify though.
  6. Amaroq_Starwind

    Could Malwarebytes run on Windows 95?

    Hmm, interesting.
  7. Amaroq_Starwind

    Routine Status Check-in

    The Malwarebytes support tool would work at its optimal potential if it ran in the background, regularly querying other Malwarebytes tools and components for status reports and automatically attempting to troubleshoot if it believes something went wrong. It could also keep logs to better detect anomalous changes in another tool's behavior. Hypothetically, this would also mean that you could sandbox the program for optimal security, report errors automatically, and/or make it completely multi-platform (Android, ChromeOS, iOS/macOS and UWP versions, for example). Thoughts?
  8. Amaroq_Starwind

    Executable research papers?

    On the one hand, this is really awesome stuff (I freaking love the demoscene, man), but on the other, this also illustrates potential vulnerabilities in stuff. What do you guys think? The video: https://www.reddit.com/r/compsci/comments/62o9lz/guy_writes_an_executable_research_paper_by/ Here's where you can find the raw file: https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~tom7/abc/ More reading: https://www.journals.elsevier.com/pattern-recognition-letters/news/introducing-executable-papers https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1877050911001323
  9. Amaroq_Starwind

    Executable research papers?

  10. I read about the Malwarebytes Issue Scanner included with the Techbench, and I was curious about something. Is there any chance we could eventually get a standalone version of the issue scanner, even if it were a non-portable and/or license-locked version?
  11. Amaroq_Starwind

    Standalone Issue Scanner

    At the moment, I'm mainly interested in giving it a try on my own computers for some more advanced troubleshooting, but 15 days isn't a lot of time, and I don't want to register under false pretenses as the owner of a non-existent tech shop. That being said, I think Memtest86+ would be a good thing to bundle with the toolset (with the appropriate license documentation regarding free/open source software), and it has been a long time since anyone has updated it. It would be interesting to see what the Malwarebytes team could do with it.
  12. Amaroq_Starwind

    Regarding TestFlight and Malwarebytes

    You don't necessarily know that. iOS has had security vulnerabilities before, and malicious software has mistakenly gotten onto the App Store as well. There's countless ways a threat could pop up.
  13. Amaroq_Starwind

    Regarding TestFlight and Malwarebytes

    Not what I meant. Malwarebytes for iOS is not an Anti-Malware program. Actual "find and remove malicious software from my phone" capabilities are something Apple doesn't want on the App Store.
  14. The VPN hook could always be made into a TestFlight-exclusive feature.
  15. Amaroq_Starwind

    Refined Application Component Updating

    The user needs to have more information and control when it comes to updates, especially if they opt to participate in Beta software. When checking whether the currently installed version of Malwarebytes is up to date, it should separately tell you the currently installed build/agent numbers for each installed program/component, as well as the most recent publicly available beta and release versions. In addition, you should be able to toggle beta updates for each component separately, and easily check if new Malwarebytes software is available for download and installation (but only if it's compatible with what you've already got. And finally, the initial installer for the software (even if it's an offline installer) should give you checkboxes to download and install optional additional components, such as Anti-Exploit, AdwCleaner, the browser extensions, the Support Tool, etcetera. - - - Now as an optional addendum; a universal control panel for installed Malwarebytes products, where you can install, update, repair, configure and activate all of your installed Malwarebytes products without needing to switch between multiple GUIs... This would be a dream come true for power users like myself. Perhaps there could even be a UWP version of said control panel, and/or an integrated version of the support tool? 🦊
  16. Amaroq_Starwind

    Malwarebytes for Windows ARM

    *sighs* Why did you have to go and break on me, spoiler tag?
  17. Amaroq_Starwind

    Executable research papers?

    But when I said "you ought to step up your game", it was meant in a joking context, not an offensive one... 😢
  18. Amaroq_Starwind

    Executable research papers?

    But that means a malicious executable could easily hide from Malwarebytes by being disguised as a DOS executable. That also means DOS-based malware may also pose a threat to Win32 systems, even if those systems are running on a modern .NET-based Windows operating system. On the other hand, that does give me ideas for using machine learning to convert DOS-based programs into Win32 programs.
  19. Amaroq_Starwind

    Tip: Modernize the program interface.

    I really don't like being forced to leave the program I'm using to see information pertaining to it. This is a horrible idea...
  20. Amaroq_Starwind


    In situations such as this, it might be wise to get in touch with the developers of the software.
  21. Amaroq_Starwind

    Any tools?

    Do you think by combining machine learning, Windows File History, the Windows Search Index, signature-based detections, and so on, it would be easier for Malwarebytes to repair encrypted or corrupted files?
  22. Amaroq_Starwind

    Executable research papers?

    To summarize what's explained in the links: A guy named Tom made a computer science paper in the form of an ASCII plaintext file. However, the paper is also an executable program (which also happened to be the subject of the paper) using only x86 instructions that also corresponded to printable ASCII characters. Turns out, it's extremely difficult to do this, for numerous reasons; for example, you can't even exit the program without exploiting illegal instructions! I decided, as a test, to scan the text file with Malwarebytes. It didn't even seem to realize it was an executable program! (Seriously, MBAM, you ought to up your game.) Luckily, the file is entirely self-contained and doesn't perform any operations outside of its own memory... though only because it relies on being 16-bit and using protected memory so he can roll over the instruction pointer to quit the program, so 64-bit users will need to use DOSBox. I'd suggest using DOSBox to run it anyway. If anyone is interested, the text file also contains ASCII art to look at! However, it may be difficult to read the paper because it has zero linebreaks (because no OS can agree on what characters create a linebreak and he only wanted to use printable characters) and was manually padded with spaces for a target width of 160 monospace characters per line of text. - - - - - If anyone has more crazy Demoscene programs they'd like to share, feel free to comment. 🦊
  23. Amaroq_Starwind

    What are you listening to?

    Oh. Sorry, @AdvancedSetup. I'll be more careful... Bandcamp isn't really an unknown website though. It's been around longer than Soundcloud! - - - - - - - Back on topic... Other songs by Wolfgun I listen to often include The Gift, Volk and Visions in Fire. For other types of music, I primarily listen to soundtracks from my favorite games, or occasionally movies. Daft Punk's work on the TRON Legacy soundtrack was excellent.
  24. Amaroq_Starwind

    The reality of persistant rootkit/bootkit infection.

    I'm sure there are ways around that.

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