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  1. We have a piece of software we distribute that I have some questions on. At a customer's site, the softwar4e is showing as infected, but has never done so in the past nor does it show this way at our site. When we run A/V and Malwarebytes against it, we do not see it as getting caught. But when a customer does, they see the software as having a “ransomware.generic”. The only difference we can see is they are running on-premise Premium, we are using cloud Premium (both of us are running the same version I believe). Can you help with this? How do I go about verifying this is or is not a false-positive? I have attached the results from a customer scan and I have attached an old version that did not show as infected and a new version that does show as infected at the customer's site.Thank you. (I have also opened a support ticket, #00073538 as this is an urgent issue). Bobby Ezell Manager, Information Security Simpson Strong-Tie | 5956 W. Las Positas Boulevard | Pleasanton, CA 94588 CFS Designer ERROR.txt 2018-11-9 Vincent.zip
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