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  1. I am absolutely in posession of, in multiple locations, hardware thet i would be willing to ship. I would LOVE to have you prove me wrong... And outline how to recover other my other hardware and data. Keep in mind when i have rmad hardware over this... It is consistantly replaced with only the most obscure notes exlinations.. Like skewed cpu pin and stuff. Lol. You want to try and liberate a laptop via logs and software applications first, or skip straight to shipping? -Eddie
  2. I was reading a thread here about some guys suffering from a rather persistant malware infection, only to have the thread closed on them by the root admin of this site with a statement about it being hysteria or snake oil or whatever... I certainly respect the opinion of someone with unquestionable experience like running malwarebytes... That carries some series cred in and of it self.... BUT, the persistant rootkit/bootkit does exist, and not just in the crazed imagings of paranoid whackos or whatever. i know this to be true from personal experience as well as the mountains of proof that exists in the form of proof of concept demonstrations, white papers and other articles dating back to the early 2000's. These things are not really new either... Johnathan Brossard demo'd Rakshasa at Blackhat, Defcon, CCC, BHCI and i am guessing everywhere else touting it as the : "epic evil remote carnal pwnage(of death)" In 4 weeks he was able to build a persistant rootkit/bootkit/romkit that out of the box could boot any 32 or 64bit OS on any one of 230 motherboards... And is almost completely stealth... Having a filesystem footprint of exactly 0. The capabilities of this thing are frightening... You can replace the os, the hd.. And still be pwnd instantly on the next boot.. I am no engineer or whatever but i think the basic premise was all in writing a little bit of code... One line into the nvram and reflasing the firmware of anything an everything connected to it.. He put out a detailed pdf if anyone wants to be forever paranoid and unsure just how secure there computers are. He did it all to illustrate that if a single person or even small group can make something this brutal... Think of what any of the many state sponsered outfits have come up with or are capable of. Did i mention this was in 2012? Plus there have been things like subvirt and othet vmbr rootkit/bootkits that can turn the host os into a virtual machine... easily remote backdooring at will, flashing a router would allow something like that to spread like the black plague hitting phones, tvs and any other smart devices that it can connect to. Just hitting a couple smartphones could create a scenario where something like that could get WAY out of hand. All that being said, i had no idea that stuff THAT malicious even existed outside of hollywood... Until about 6 months ago when my whole home network seemed to get possesed by the devil.. Overnight. In the end hardware had to be RMA'd... And the manufacures decided replacement was the best option, and uhh zero notes or discussion on exactly what they found. Mine was some sort of bootkit written into the spi flas i am guessing... and it was totally capable of pwning anything you wanted to install windows, linux, hirens boot cd... You name it i tried it.. only to be pwnd like a boy in a mans world. I still have a couple laptops.. Some old junk pcs and a BUNCH of hardware that is full on infected / contaminated and would like nothing more in this world then to learn how to recover them... But after what ive seen in the past 6 months, and what iVe read while trying to find a way to get my hardware back out of the rabbit hole... I'm not so sure that any of it is recoverable one an attack starts reflashing device firmware. Its been a truley disheartening experience to say the least and the full reality of the who, what, where and why is probably much worse then the average enthisiast has even considered. I mean absolutely no disrespect and i am not fear mongering, i sincerely hope you can use some anti hacker kung fu to help me recover some hardware... and maybe restore my faith in IT Security. Anyone wanting to read that pdf about Rakshasa will have to google Rakshasa rootkit. Its like the first or second link.. I tried to copy the address but my phone has been acting weird. Thanks for you time, Fast_ Eddie
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