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  1. Thank you very much. I have bookmarked this for future reference.
  2. I just purchased a 1.5 year activation code for for Malwarebytes Premium for two PCs off Amazon. I activated one on my Dad's computer, and the other on my gaming rig. I forgot I was going to reinstall windows as I have modified my windows install several times over the last year or so, with debloat scripts and a lot of window removal. I seem to have weird issues of some programs not installing, or giving me weird errors. Plus I bought a new Samsung Pro NVME SSD I want to use for booting windows. So, my question is, now that I have activated my key, is there a way I can act
  3. OK, here are the long files you asked for and the MBAM file too. mbam.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. You guys are awesome! I am making so much progress. 2-weird issues so far. First I pulled the laptop HDD and scanned it with windows defender and it found zero freaking issues and took over two hours. How could it find nothing at all? lol Second, the laptop has a three year license to MacAfee and is finding 3 threats all of the time? But nothing more. weird. Is it even a legit MacAfee? It doesn't find much, and seems to quit. Maybe it was just overloaded from the initial malware that it can't scan quickly nor effectively? But I will follow the link in "AdvancedSetup"
  5. Thank you for the quick response. I will give that a try.
  6. I have an infected laptop of a friend. I download MBAM.exe and it auto-redirects to MS Store. I can't install it. I remove HDD, install as external to my desktop, scan for 1.5 hours with 86 infection. I quarantine them all. Eject HDD. I install HDD back in laptop and try to quickly execute MBAM.exe incase virus tries to block it. MBAM launches and starts the install, but it says I need the internet for install? How do I install MBAM.exe without internet? I tried connecting to wifi and virus took over and MBAM closed when I hit OK, instead of trying to install again. By
  7. It is a 120GB OCZ Vertex 3 (VTX3-25SAT3-120G) FW 2.25 But now my system goes to the desktop with a black screen and mouse cursor. I will try again in safe mode. Weird, when I log in safe mode, I get a pop-up saying, "You'll need a new app to open this ms-get-started" Whatever this message is? Maybe a safe-mode message? But is says "Safe Mode" in all four corners of the desktop as expected. OK< I tried both FW updaters, but they need internet access or something and it won't work.
  8. I have a 128 GB OCZ Vertex 3 SSD. They have been bought up by Toshiba it seems, and they have an SSD Utility, but it needs installing and isn't a stand alone program., so it won't install. Not sure if there is an alternate file somewhere, or an older OCZ utility somewhere else.
  9. Amazingly, I was able to uninstall McAfee with no changes that I can tell. But I do get errors of not being able to write to my data directories. I just launched Chrome, and it says, "Failed to create data directory"for chrome "user data" Firefox says "Profile Missing" It says, it may be missing or inaccessible. and a million other things, but boots up fine.
  10. OK, I was able to get FRST and MB-Check to run as they didn't need to install. I will upload files: mb-check-results.zip
  11. Is there a way to run Malwarebytes on my cousins laptop that seems to not have internet access nor permissions to install files? I even have internet wired in, to bypass wi-fi. but I don't hink it's working. I tried the guide on the main page, but I can't as I can't install mbam nor get internet. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  12. I found a post with a similar problem through Googling that said to post some logs for help. Let me know if I need more info. FRST.txt Addition.txt mb-check-results.zip
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