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  1. Sorry guys, I used Opera Hopefully this is gone now since it's on my block-list, will research if I should uninstall+install it either way and then import old bookmarks! Never gonna use Chrome
  2. Hey man! Ok. Can you install it back again and get all Your data (saved favorites) etc back? I remember uninstalling-reinstalling a browser and all my Bookmarks/Favorites got back again?
  3. thanks treed! Also found this video which helped, found "messages" in Opera web browser and everything linked to giij was to the block list but 1 which was the ukcontentdelivery.info it's now on my block list really hope not to get messages from it, and I really don't hope that my computer has a malware or installed ***** on it ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MK9M0Zs_FmA Also attach the List of blocked Messages through Opera.
  4. Also having this! Now I haven't had any popups, tried to disable JS on Opera but then ofc some functions didnt work on some popular websites. Installed the most popular AdGuard extension in my Opera browser, hope it will help! Malwarebytes, Avira and AVG Antivirus can't find giij.ukcontentdelivery.info on my computer and no other threats. Will update you to see if my problem get's fixed. Maybe uninstall and install Opera again?!
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