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  1. Hello Team, My domain(cogentdatasolutions.com) is blacklisted by Malwarebytes and blocking the website, can you please check and unblock my website. we already performed the manual scan and there is no infections/phishing found now. Can you guys please check and do the needful.
  2. Hi Team, Please remove the Blacklist removal for the below mentioned domain llaveros.com.mx, since it is blocking. We found no malicious file present in webroot on analysis. Please have a look and if you found any suspicious please provide the links which would help us to remove. Thanks and Regards, Guruprasad S
  3. Hi! The website ignacio.com.py marked as Phishing site by VirusTotal service (https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/80156d162c9a0d72bb6255e39e95a70de7163de1d92523e3df0165531cb032de/detection). The website was malicious and already cleaned removed from all blacklists where was added, but your service marked it as dangerous page. Please, reclassificate it. _____ Best regards, Sekur Tima
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