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  1. My Desktop suddenly lags for some reason I don't know. Other programs are not affected, just when I'm at the desktop screen, photoshop is also affected for some reason but its the only program I know as to date that is affected. Addition.txt FRST.txt Malwarebytes Scan Report.txt
  2. Hello again, somehow its back! I have followed its folder location and its on a folder namer OmniSoft that has been installed at the same time that the problem started. I didn't do this installation just to be clear and I have no knowledge of this OmniSoft program. The actual filename says update.exe with a Mozilla logo on it. I am attaching a screenshot of it. I will try to delete the folder and hope that I wont come back again.
  3. The popup after rebooting have stopped now. Procecess and network behavior is normal now, no more spikes on cpu usage. Thank you!
  4. Oh sorry, this one... 20:09:28.0197 0x0b4c SetPrivileges failed! 20:09:28.0197 0x0b4c TDSS rootkit removing tool Apr 20 2018 12:12:17 20:09:33.0025 0x0b4c ============================================================ 20:09:33.0025 0x0b4c Current date / time: 2018/11/06 20:09:33.0025 20:09:33.0025 0x0b4c SystemInfo: 20:09:33.0025 0x0b4c 20:09:33.0025 0x0b4c OS Version: 10.0.17134 ServicePack: 0.0 20:09:33.0025 0x0b4c Product type: Workstation 20:09:33.0025 0x0b4c ComputerName: EVEV3 20:09:33.0025 0x0b4c UserName: Reo 20:09:33.0025 0x0b4c Wind
  5. Thank you so much! I think its solved now. I was worried that it might do more damage if left untreated. Here btw is the fix log. Fixlog.txt
  6. Forgot to attach the malwarebytes scan report, sorry. ? malwarebytes scan report.txt
  7. I was googling a fix for a problem I was having on my computer then I found this which is exactly the same to mine (link: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/224852-firefox-popup-ad-every-time-i-start-windows/). I was actually going to try and fix it myself but found out that every fix is different for a user so I didn't. So the problem was yesterday, I tried installing a software (which probably had the virus/malware in it) and the same issue occured after, just like on the link I provided. An old 32 bit Firefox would popup some po*n sites everytime I restart my pc. I have already uninstal
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