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  1. I've experimented with it, and made a further discovery that answers my questions: If you make a shortcut to the executable and edit the target line of the shortcut's Properties so that after the path to the executable that's already there you enter /path <path to the folder you have your executable in>, running it from the shortcut will produce a CLI for a moment, and then go to the usual GUI. Hitting Scan then will do exactly what you expect it to do, and you'll find that (1) the log is in the folder whose path you specified, and (2) there's no new AdwCleaner folder on C:. Exa
  2. I run AdwCleaner from a shortcut with the parameters /scan and /path <full path>. Is there a way to make it run from that shortcut and use the GUI (Graphic Interface)?
  3. But neither of those will show the average user how to make a shortcut to the .exe that puts the Logs folder where he/she wants he Logs folder to be. I understand now what those files are telling me, but they're way beyond most users looking to make the program use the folder of his/her choice.
  4. I was annoyed by AdwCleaner the first time I ran it, because by default it created a folder on my C: drive (where I put absolutely nothing other than the OS if I can help it) and put its logs there. With the help of a command prompt query on the executable (AdwCleaner.exe ?), I got the idea for the Path parameters, and discovered to my great satisfaction that not only does the use of correct parameters stop the creation of an unnecessary folder on C:, but also puts the logs where they belong, in the same folder as the executable file. In my case, I created D:\Malware Tools\AdwCleaner and put t
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