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  1. Sorry about that. I got ahead of myself. Upon running the support tool and repair, and after restarting, MB installed and I was able to activate from my account. Not sure how this was fixed but as usual, great support from you guys! I am all set now. Thanks so much for being there for us users!
  2. Have created and attached EventLogs.zip file for your review. Thank you! EventLogs.zip
  3. Got a notification of a new update. On installation first error shows, 'MBAMService [Uninstall] Could not stop service - continuing [Error: 5]'. Continuing on get next error, 'MBAMService [Uninstall] Could not delete service [Error 5]'. So I think maybe if I uninstall current version and try reinstall. On installation I get, 'Unable to start, Unable to connect the Service'. Snipping Tool clips attached. I can only assume a server is down and I will have to wait to try again later. But, now I am without any Malwarebytes running at the moment. Geesh, server problems every
  4. Thanks for this explanation. I have wondered for years why the paragraph spacing was configured just about everywhere. I first encountered this with M/S Word and since have gotten used to using the Shift-Enter combo for single spacing. It is great when you can go into settings and configure it however you like.
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