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  1. I think a virtual private network is the best option for that, as they are specially used for online security, while using public wifi also for hiding your IP address, I have started using VPN also for the same purpose and have asked the similar question one month ago about VPN security, As personally I am using PureVPN so I can recommend that it can be a good option and they also offering a good Christmas offer of 88% discount so It will be easier for you to get it, also You can try Express VPN which is expensive but have a great features Like PureVPN.
  2. Have you checked your pc hardware? Go to PC properties and check if all of your Ram, Rom and other attached devices are working fine and also check it in device manager. The slow speed can be caused because of hardware issue also, some time.
  3. As there are many threats on the internet like malware and trojan which can be tackled by Antivirus and firewall, but There are many more threats came up on the internet like Ransomware attacks D-Dos Attacks, and phishing attacks. Which Antivirus cannot tackle also there are thousands of websites and programs and even the Internet services providers are tracking the online data. So I have heard that we can tackle these things with a Virtual Private network. That's why I have decided to start using a VPN, and have searched a little bit about them, and find out that they are quite expensive, but
  4. Agree, The Privacy Awareness will more increase with time.
  5. That's great; Security comes first. But there are many users out there unlike you, Who don't have that much knowledge about tracking and online security that's why they did not take care about picking a website, and they use all platforms on the internet without even thinking about there information security. I believe there is still a need to increase the awareness about these things.
  6. @Nathan I think it would be better if the message trigger When there is no issue found For better user experience! ☺️
  7. Agree, But there are some information Facebook does have of users activity, which Users did not update on the internet by them self, They are gathered by third party apps and from there devices.
  8. Discovered by cybersecurity researchers from Imperva, the vulnerability resides in the way Facebook search feature displays results for entered queries. According to Imperva researcher Ron Masas, the page that displays search results includes iFrame elements associated with each outcome, where the endpoint URLs of those iFrames did not have any protection mechanisms in place to protect against cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attacks. Source: https://thehackernews.com/2018/11/facebook-vulnerability-hack.html "This Security Vulnerability is not that big, but little things like that can m
  9. Agree this became little confusing, but I think the message will only trigger now when it found anything otherwise it will not show nothing.
  10. Agree with rubbers you should install any antimalware software, to get rid of these files.
  11. Let's hope that this re-released do not have bugs again.
  12. Hello Everyone, I am Pogba from the US and I have just joined this forum. How are you all?
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