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  1. I just tried reloading the page davebrat.com, and I got the "suspicious activity" block. That was with both Malware/Scams and Ads/Clickbait deselected. Then I opened a new window in Chrome and went to davebrat.com with no problem. I selected both Malware/Scams and Ads/Clickbait ON, and reloaded davebrat.com, again with no problem. I have never encountered a web page for which you throw up the Clickbait warning that wasn't a conservative website. For example, you warn about clickbait for crimeresearch.org -- obviously because that site debunks popular gun control arguments. Convince me th
  2. I disabled Ads/Clickbait in my browser extension, and I am still blocked from the site. The only suspicious activity is that of Malwarebytes! This is pure political bias.
  3. I've been getting these "Clickbait" warnings from Malwarebytes on most of the conservative sites I have visited for the past two months. I called the company and complained, and the support guy just gave me their standard bullshit response, saying they are doing this to protect my computer. I explained that clickbait doesn't hurt a computer, that none of these sites contain clickbait, and I don't use Malwarebytes to be protected from clickbait. He just kept reading me the official response. Very disgusting. Tonight I tried to make a donation to Dave Brat, a Republican running for Congress
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