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  1. IMHO, good to just go ahead and bite the bullet and get it over with. Just so other users know, I was running the most current version of Mojave at the the time my issue stared. I am running macOS Mojave 10.14.1 and was at the time these issues occurred. So the issue is happening on Mac with current OS also
  2. I tried this, but unfortunately, it didn't work. the same think kept happening until I wiped the computer clean and started over.
  3. I wound up just wiping the Mac clean, reinstalling MacOS, and rebooting the computer - ie. starting COMPLETELY over. Deleting all my files, pictures, passwords, settings, etc. and restarting it as though I had just opened it for the first time. I did not restore my computer to an external hard drive back up, as I assumed this would just cause the issue to be reinstalled. I spent no less than 12 hours on the phone Apple Support trying to resolve this issue in every other way possible, and spoke to 4 different senior advisors. Several senior advisors recommended that I contact them back directly if the issue persisted, but since every senior advisor gave me different advice/feedback than the last one, I thought I would keep trying to find one who could address my specific issue. The last senior advisor I spoke to ultimately agreed (or relented) that this was the only way to ensure the problem was resolved. ***GOOD NEWS (depending on how you look at it)*** - once I started the Mac completely over and only restored files that were saved to the Cloud (rather than to an external hard drive), I have not had ONE issue. Everything has been perfect and even faster than before. I know it is a huge pain in the ass to wipe the computer clean and start over, but it was MUCH more efficient than restarting the computer in recovery mode every time I did a random google search and my internet froze up. I know this is a last resort, but I thought I would pass the information along in case it is helpful. Its probably not what you want to hear, but I borderline knew this was what I needed to do from the very beginning, but wound up just wasting a ton of time (close to a full working day of my life) trying to figure it out an "easier"way.. I kept trying to resist and work around having to do this, but ultimately (at least in my situation) the "solution" was inevitable, and if wiping clean and starting over was ultimately the only solution regardless, I wish I could have at least saved the time I spent trying to find another answer. It sucks, but Its not the end of the world, and it fixed my problem. I hope this helps someone.
  4. I am having the same issue. Let me start off by saying, I believe I know where this started: About 10 days ago I clicked on an “update Adobe flash player icon” in Facebook on my Mac. I had run out of lives in the Candy Crush iPhone app, and I wasn’t thinking clearly...I just needed to play. I am very aware of how stupid this was; cyber victim blaming will not help me now. Fast forward to 4 days ago. My computer started redirecting every search to Yahoo instead of google. Then my internet shut down. I wasn’t really sure what to make of it. I did a little trouble shooting. At the time I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the issue to remember how I got it to work again, but I did. Yesterday my browser started re-directing me to Yahoo again. I did some research online, and downloaded Malwarebytes to try and locate the issue. There were several issues identified, and I deleted them. Again, I thought the issue had resolved. Today I was again redirected to Yahoo whenever I try to search for something in Safari. I quit Safari and tried to use Chrome. Chrome it did not work either. I switched Wi-Fi networks, and still could not connect to the Internet. I then connected my computer to the personal hotspot on my phone (all of these were troubleshooting techniques I’d used previously). The same problem was there: I could not connect to the Internet from anywhere on my computer, including messages, email, and AppStore. I was able to use the Wi-Fi network on my iPhone without any issues. I called Apple support. I talked to someone on the phone for over an hour. We thought the problem was resolved, but then about two hours later it happened again. I called Apple support a second time; I had to be transferred to an administrator. We went through some new troubleshooting options, and I thought everything was fine. About two hours after the second call, the problem got significantly worse. I am now having to shut down my computer and restart in recovery mode every 15 to 20 minutes because my computer won’t use the internet. I am no longer being redirected to Yahoo. The computer just stops doing anything that requires the Internet after a random search from the search bar. Safari says that it cannot locate the website host; it does not say I am not connected to the Internet. I have done numerous Malwarebytes scans, and am consistently told I am “clean”. All of my requests in other apps time out as well. I have gone through 2+ hours of troubleshooting this with Apple Support, so the standard, obvious explanations have been checked and eliminated as the cause. I am going to erase my mac and start over, because I don’t know what else to do. I am mostly just posting this so others can be aware that this is a real issue. I am sure any future readers (including myself) would appreciate any info on if/how to resolve this without having to go to extremes. .
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