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  1. I'm not sure I remember if i set it to sleep or powered down completely
  2. Just aslong as you feel we are. I mean I opened this because of the BSoD that happened while I was away from my computer...meaning it turned itself on without notice while I was away. If you think that is normal or if there is nothing we can do then I'm fully willing to close the thread yes.
  3. Cancel that...problem fixed. Just going to update drivers and call it a day. Thanks for the help.
  4. It's there, but curiously enough, the audio device it is attached to is not showing up in playback devices
  5. weirdly enough, on reboot the driver for the focusrite usb was completely gone.
  6. so apparently sometime while i was at work, my computer blue screened. It was completely turned off other than having an either net cable plugged in. Something turned it on and blue screened it. Files attached below 113018-25428-01.dmp WER-99076-0.sysdata.rar
  7. thanks a bunch kev! its been good working with you 🖖
  8. Not that i've noticed. I think it was the router after all.
  9. I've changed passwords for accounts I use on the internet. Havent had any new hits on security.
  10. Slight problem...when trying to reset my router, I had my ISPs(optimum) website coming up saying that it will soon be available for me to change router settings but not now. So I reset it but couldn't change any settings. Everything else i was able to do. Nothing came up for mbar. I've had strange problems with my router in the past. I had it turn off at random times. Though I havent had this problem recently. I suppose it could be infected. Could it be possible that someone has placed and device in my apartments cable connection as a backdoor to harness information from peoples devices?
  11. Not that im aware of. I'd have to ask the owner. When I have used it I've noticed that it was very slow. It could very well be infected. I've never noticed strange behaviour on my phone however
  12. We use it for cell phones and a laptop for work
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