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  1. On my computer on multiple browsers backup-utility.com gets an access denied message. When I checked HostsMan it was there under hpHost GRM list with and without the "www.". This is a website for the renowned AOMEI backup product. I searched the term at hosts-file.net, and I got "No records found". but my HOSTS file says what it says. I tried to register at forum.hosts-file.net, but I ran into an absolutely impossible captcha just when I was about to finish, over and over again. I have emailed them about that, with screenshots.
  2. I was not using Malwarebytes. I added some hpHosts files to Hosts File Editor +, and I ran into these surprising false positives, both appearing twice in my HOSTS file.: giveawayoftheday.com tenforums.com I am very familiar with the former site. I use it all the time. It is very reputable, one of the top shareware giveaway websites. It turned up in the MMT list. The latter website is according to a search often cited on this forum. I believe it turned up in the MMT and EXP lists. Incidentally, when I tried to add emd.txt to Hosts File Editor +, it went into unresponsiv
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