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  1. @cjvmoore : There was a problem in my firewall configuration. I denied most of the apps, which seems system apps, but aren't. There wasn't any new applications installed a day ago. It would be great if we could collect a list of IP addresses, which should be denied. In this case it would be helpful for other people too, to keep their phones clean.
  2. @cjvmoore : Another malicious app(named as Calculator) just got installed on phone in two instances. Workaround is not working well.
  3. I just ignored all the internet traffic from and to System UI. It was 3 days ago and since ago there wasn't any new malicious application installed.
  4. @mbam_mtbr @cjvmoore : Could it be a solution? https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/google-inc/system-ui/system-ui-7-1-2-release/#downloads
  5. @mbam_mtbr : I tried to search for a new ROM, which is maybe "clean", but didn't found any suitable one. I haven't any other idea.
  6. @mbam_mtbr : Yes, same issue there. @cjvmoore : I flashed a new ROM on it(from needrom.com), but it doesn't helped. I don't know the site you mentioned and seems hard to find right one.
  7. @mbam_mtbr : In this case we will be unable to reinstall SystemUI, because as I think "original" 0 /system/priv-app/SystemUI/SystemUI .apk file also contains bloatware built-in. So will have to flash ROM again, which already contains bloatware.
  8. I got same as infected app: com.android.systemui, named System UI. I also tried to reinstall with a custom ROM from https://www.needrom.com/ , but this new ROM contains this infection too.
  9. I have same issue. I followed these steps too and sent you PM with ticket info.
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