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  1. Thanks guys, For my own purposes, all of my questions have been answered. I had some very positive conversations over the phone and via an online conference withs some MBAM reps as well. It's ultimately up to our client what provider they choose, but I'm hoping they decide to go in this direction as I think it would offer them the best protection while being the easiest on our end to manage. Thank you!
  2. Wow, excellent information Exile. Thank you very much. I did have a phone call with an MBAM rep earlier today, and she said that the rollback service is independent of, and separate, of any System Restore processes. She did also mention, as you have pointed out, that the rollback feature works by storing a relatively small file on the local endpoint. Everything seems pretty impressive to me. Very nice.
  3. We have a client considering purchase of the MBAM cloud/business suite. They were recently afflicted (prior to MBAM testing) with ransomware, so this is a hot topic for them. I noticed that one of the features offered by MBAM for business is "Ransomware Rollback". I was curious how this actually worked, and what methods are used to roll the system back to a pre-encrypted/ransomware state? Are they simply using restore points, or is there something better and more detailed involved? Any insight would be appreciated. It sounds like a very neat and promising feature, but I feel like the
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