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  1. Hello Nathan The license I bought was from Malwarebytes. In fact it was a renewal of my previous subscription. I also have a subscription to the mobile app which is due to expire on November 1st this year. Are you saying that 1 Windows version may be applied to multiple windows devices but not to Android, and 1 Android version ( purchased separately) may be applied to multiple Android devices? I mistakenly thought the plan was cross platform but clearly I was wrong. By the way, I am in the UK.
  2. Hello I have a premium plan purchased on 4th June 2018 which I believe entitles me to activate Malwarebytes on multiple devices. The problem is the license key I received by email will not activate the plan on my Android phone. The original key was split into blocks of 4 numbers/letters but the new key is in blocks of 5. Now I tried to activate it on my phone but was asked to "check the license key" which I did and found it was correct. So my question is why can I not activate Malwarebytes on my phone?
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