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  1. Personally, IMO, Norton has really come a long way. The 2011 version is nothing like the crappy 2009 version. It's blazing fast and it even has disk defrag or optimization. I have Norton 2011 saved but as of now, I'm using Avast Internet Security. McAffe Is just utter garbage, that's all I have to say. I tried Kaspersky and let me tell you, updates take forever and it beasts on your Cpu. I have 4 gigs of ram and an Intel Quad Core. My PC is clean as hell and still, the thing is slow. AVG is just plain weak, and Bitdefender 2011 is too complicated and a little slow. I'd get Norton or Avast if I were you.
  2. Oh my gosh, MyWebSearch is everywhere, especially on Youtube!! You see ads like cartoonify yourself for free and stuff for Zwinky. I hate it. I can't believe how many noobs are going to fall for this. Most noobs say it's not even a virus or malware. I lose it when they say that. MyWebSearch was my 2nd virus. I installed the tool bar and it slowed down my comp, especially popular screensavers. Also the Frost animated wallpaper was crud too. So tell me about your experience with mywebsearch.
  3. imagine if every antispyware program, malware program, and antivirus teamed up together to make the best program evar!!!!! That'll be the biggest set of definitions in history!!!!! However it'll still be impossible to remove malware 100% however if there was a advanced behavioral heuristics detection that can detect malware by the way a program acts and i mean ACT, then it might be 100%.
  4. wait how come some people that make post about virus removal get some list of rules saying to call tech support and this one doesn't?????????????????
  5. .....SAfe mode?? when i boot in safe mode, i like to change the shortcut of an antivirus or spyware program to something completely random because some viruses track the name of an exe or shortcut. i advise to right click, and rename to something like "fwfhlawfbewhfl" and try running it. If that phails, ........ call tech support.
  6. The same thing happened to me with AVG! > Switched back to Norton.
  7. *sobs* i miss the logo where it said, "Malwarebytes, removing malware one byte at a time." :'( but the big fixes have inproved greatly and there is a new logo in the protection tab.
  8. One test, some guy compared it to Cyberdefender. LOL!!!!
  9. WAIT IOBIT STOLE TRENDMICRO's definitions AS WELL!!!!!!
  10. WOT is giving Iobit more and more negative ratings, 97 ethenic Issues comments. 0-o Even the most trusted members of the Iobit forums have left Iobit. Iobit is definetely losing reputation. A good company gone bad. The database is not like what it used to now since it orginally deleted all of it's definitions. Now relying on Iobit for protection is slim. Cheaters don't win.
  11. You have truly revolutionized Malware protection. Thank you!

  12. I wish that there would be a setting to update every certain amount of hours based on user configuration. The auto update every 12:00 isn't so hot.
  13. TRACKING COOKIES!!!!! THT IS WAT THEY ONLY DO!!!! > I run Windows Vista and I don't know, I installed both norton adn avg at the same time and they work together. No conflicts! I just installed kaspersky. Darn is my CPU usesage HIGH!!!!!!!!
  14. darn. how long did it take you to type this! anyway glad u like MBAM!
  15. yes i do use norton and avg but they only protect against tracking cookies. 0-o
  16. MBAM 1.42 is running very smoothly and fast. !! I luv it even though the changes are very hard to recognize. I feel the program is faster and lighter for some reason cause boot is faster now. Plus the protection Module loads quicker.
  17. This is my first post and time I have ever used a forum, I am a noob. Not only do you have powerful definitions but the scanning speed and Protection Module blows Norton 2010 away!! I am a very pleased user!!!! I hope by sometime you guys will reach version 2. However can't you guys add like a homepage protection module, auto update every certain amount of time (user chosen ex: update every 3 hours, 5 hours, etc), a prettier interface cause I am a sucker for graphics, windows process scanner (idk if that feature is already in MBAM but a feature where MBAm scans processes would be nice), pop up blocker cause websites are very annoying, and add a way to send malware samples to you guys. Still MBAM is beautiful and very very very good. It's scanning speed is 9000 time's faster than SAS and Iobit, plus it has saved my comp serveral times. 0-o Cheers!!!
  18. forget my last comment. SAS is so slow and doesn't protect me at all. I am using the trial and AVG and Norton have been doing all the work. :S
  19. I wish MBAM could have more features like Super antispyware. tht would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. uhh, reinstall? that or maybe you are infected with a virus. Uninstall MBAM and Boot in safe mode with Networking. Download and Reinstall MBAM. If the problem continues even in safe mode then either your operating system has problems with the compatibility of MBAM or you upgraded from Windows 32 to 64 bit. Or windows XP to 7. Or vista to 7. Upgrading the OS tends to cause software compatibility problems. Before you do all that safe mode junk, try uninstalling MBAM and reinstalling.
  21. Piracy is a big thing. I mean my friends have Windows 7 Ultimate pirated edition. With the economy so far, piracy has grown further and further. The only thing I question is how these keys work. Are these artificial keys made to perfectly crack the program or are these keys from other people who actually bought MBAM? Hmmm.... You guys should check youtube. Incredible amount of piracy, however don't remove the vids. If they get strikes on their accounts they might be banned. My friend only has 1 strike left before he is out. Just black list the keys. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_quer...oq=malwarebytes
  22. I despise Trials. They are annoying and only encourages piracy. Are you kidding me? 15 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! > The program is already good. MBAM is awesome!!!! I don't believe MBAM should be a trial.
  23. Don'T FORGET AVAST!!! IT IS AWESOME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. MBAM is only an antimalware. It does not protect against viruses like an Antivirus does. Email protection, enhanced firewall, heuristics, and Browser Protection are thing MBAM don't have. I recommend getting yourself an antivirus product. Besides it is mandatory. MBAM is like a special trooper while the Antivirus is the Leader and commando of the squad. I recommend Kaspersky because it is very good and praised. Norton 360 is also a good choice because it offers optimization however be aware that Norton products are hard to get rid off. I recommend you keep MBAM and add an antivirus to the battle field. MBAM has definitions beyond the traditional antivirus. I am currently using Norton 2010, AVG, and MBAM! Windows Defender is useless, don't rely on it.
  25. MBAM customer support is awesome!!!!!!! They reply to you fast and help you out!! Even if you are a free user they help you out. I have used other Antispyware products and have contacted their customer support. They are very poor. Especially Iobit. So many spelling errors.
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