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  1. Personally, IMO, Norton has really come a long way. The 2011 version is nothing like the crappy 2009 version. It's blazing fast and it even has disk defrag or optimization. I have Norton 2011 saved but as of now, I'm using Avast Internet Security. McAffe Is just utter garbage, that's all I have to say. I tried Kaspersky and let me tell you, updates take forever and it beasts on your Cpu. I have 4 gigs of ram and an Intel Quad Core. My PC is clean as hell and still, the thing is slow. AVG is just plain weak, and Bitdefender 2011 is too complicated and a little slow. I'd get Norton or Avast if
  2. Oh my gosh, MyWebSearch is everywhere, especially on Youtube!! You see ads like cartoonify yourself for free and stuff for Zwinky. I hate it. I can't believe how many noobs are going to fall for this. Most noobs say it's not even a virus or malware. I lose it when they say that. MyWebSearch was my 2nd virus. I installed the tool bar and it slowed down my comp, especially popular screensavers. Also the Frost animated wallpaper was crud too. So tell me about your experience with mywebsearch.
  3. You have truly revolutionized Malware protection. Thank you!

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