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  1. The latest Windows installer from AutoHotKey (https://www.autohotkey.com/) is detected by the AI as potential malware. Can you check if the file is ok?AutoHotkey_1.1.33.06_setup.exe.zip
  2. Thanks Ron. The advanced setup log that you refer to is prior to me fully removing Chrome. I will run the support tool another time (since fully removal of Chrome) and post the results here to see if anything was left from Google after the removal.
  3. Many thanks for your continued support. I have for the last 2 hours tried to get a grip on this problem. The problem is very easy to recreate on my machine. I have totally removed Chrome (uninstall, and removed all traces of it on disk and in registry). Did a complete new install, and right out of the box (no extensions, plugins, or whatsoever) I have the stutter in youtube. It is not an occasional stutter, but actually a complete freeze of chrome during movement of the mouse over the Chrome window (also when moving the mouse outside of the Chrome window, and continue moving it, the stuttering is gone). When I stop moving the mouse, the video catches up. I do not have this problem in any other browser. When I flip the switch on Malware Protection and Ransomware Protection both to off the stuttering / freezing is gone. I watched Process Explorer for any strange things. I dumped the MBAMService (minidump), but to be honest am reluctant to send it, since I have the feeling it will not provide more information. I tried to capture my desktop, but although I have a beefy machine (1080 TI on i7 8700K, 16 GB RAM) capturing live stream while showing the same youtube movie on both Firefox (no problems) and Chrome (stutter) to demonstrate the problems was a bit too much at the high resolution of my screen (2560x1440). The result was poor. I totally removed Chrome again. I will see how things will fare coming weeks. Maybe I'll reinstall the graphics drivers, or try with an older version, when I find the time.
  4. I have updated to the latest beta version and tried video playback on Chrome. For me it still stutters. There is no change. This is not to say that there is no fix for some people, but for me it didn't fix the stuttering when moving the mouse over Chrome.
  5. I have switched to the latest Firefox (Quantum) to be safe. I used to use Firefox until some time ago. And tbh, I am quite happy with the improved Firefox. So, although the problem is not solved, at least I have a good workaround!
  6. I tried to get latency figures using those tools, but didn't get any obvious results. For now the problem only resides in Chrome. I just dont understand what is going on. I will try to figure out how to solve this, but will in the mean time have to switch off Malware Protection. If I don't get it fixed I probably will remove Malwarebytes. Anything I can still try?
  7. I disabled self protection and rebooted my computer. This has helped to alleviate part of the problem. There is no stuttering with Ransomware Protection enabled. I now only have stuttering with Malware Protection enabled.
  8. Yes, I have tried all possible configurations: Web Exploit Malware Ransomware Stutter? V V V V Yes V V - V Yes V V V - Yes V V - - No Where 'V' means protection enabled. The stutter when Ransomware protection is on is less pronounced then when Malware Protection is on. Malware Protection gives more stuttering. The stuttering only happens when my mouse moves over the Chrome windows (anywhere, not only on the video window). Moving outside the Chrome window does not affect video playback.
  9. Attached the support logs: mbst-grab-results.zip.
  10. I have the latest version of Malwarebytes Premium installed. Whenever I have video showing in Chrome I have stuttering when I move my mouse. Keeping my mouse still, and the stuttering is gone. The problem occurs when either one or both of the components Malware Protection and Ransomware Protection are on. The components Web Protection and Exploit Protection do not have any impact. The video stuttering occurs in YouTube, Netflix, and virtually any other video content in Chrome. It seems that mouse movement hangs Malwarebytes. What I have tried: - Reinstall clean installation of Malwarebytes using MBAM Clean tool - Reinstall audio drivers - Updated to latest Chrome version - Disabled extensions in Chrome If I use another browser (Edge for instance), I do not have the same problem. The only way to be getting around this problem is to disable Malware Protection and Anti Ransomware protection. But sort of defeats the purpose of MBAM. Any way to get this solved? Anyone else having the same problems?
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