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  1. It's name of PC, not name of PIC sorry. Anyway here is a screenshot you can check. See the second computer has no name. The computer name is actually sekretaris. That's what shows up on both the computer name and in malwarebytes. However, it doesn't show up on my bro's name.
  2. I bought 5 licenses I want to buy more. However, when I logged in to my account it says that I have used all licenses. Obviously I want to know which licenses go to each computers. However the devices name in my account here https://my.malwarebytes.com/en/subscriptions#active shows empty device name. Why not default at computers' name? I know I can change it. But it'll be easier if it's right from the default.
  3. Awesome thanks. I know it's easily turned off. I just didn't know how. Thanks.
  4. Once a while malwarebytes block trojan or dangerous things. Great It's doing it's job. Can it do it's job quitely? I mean I am watching a movie, and every 5 seconds I got pop up website blocked due to trojan notification. Or just make the notification smaller.
  5. Oh it's located in frst logs. I see. So that's how we get those msconfig log in text file using frst. How can I follow this topic so I can easily see. It's my topic afterall.
  6. Okay cool. Thanks for the huge discount. When I renew 2 years from now will it be $61 for 5 licenses? If I add more licenses will it be at a rate $6 per computer year? Thanks. Your site original order chart doesn't work. After failing ordering, I will get another email saying that I should finish my order. Now, that one will work. Unfortunately the email that say I should finish my order are severals and they don't tell me which order I am finishing, hence one false order. He he he
  7. Please refund order with reference number 84504314
  8. I am trying to order https://estore.malwarebytes.com/s/ULcxnllvS I was told that I will get 5 licenses for $61. However, everytime I order the website simply hangs. Then I got an email to complete my order. In the email,. what I was actually ordering is not written. I completed an order and spend $39.9 for 1 license only. Please refund the last order. After that, I will order the 5 licenses for $61 Ordering from links like https://estore.malwarebytes.com/order/finish.php?id=2Xrn83F0memNwnPtfq%2FSZXKAx4LcgbFt works. Ordering from links like https://estore.malwarebytes.com/s/ULcxnllvS doesn't work.
  9. Okay. Should I also run msconfig and create text file logs? A friend of mine asks that I run msconfig and post screenshot. I wonder if there is a text file version.
  10. No. No further issue. Thanks for your help. Not the one I know anyway. Anything else I should do to ensure that my computer isn't leaking info to other places?
  11. I must have run fix twice and the second one override the first one. Is that what's happening? Also how do you get fixlist.txt ?
  12. No issue. But I got hacked last month and lost 1.5 bitcoin. Someone may have been able to see files in my comp. If I reread your instruction, the first time I run farbar recovery I will get I got frst.txt and additions.txt I posted them both. What files you need anyway? Fixlog.txt? I think you gave that to me.
  13. I wonder if the original fixlog is this file https://forums.malwarebytes.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=267271 The name become frst.txt but perhaps I changed that from fixlog.txt because it's created by frst file
  14. I put the zemana. Now the sophos SophosVirusRemovalTool_cloud4.log SophosVirusRemovalTool.log
  15. Almost all threats that are "caught" are not really threats. I sort of know what are those. Some are code my company wrote my self for some startup we made years ago. As for attachments The Fixlog.txt from frst is this Fixlog.txt zemanareport.txt
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