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  1. Hi Malwarebytes staff, I am about to push the final version of my software to my client, but it is marked as MachineLearning/Anomalous.96% falsely. Could you add it to the goodware database? The files are attached to this post. Thanks in advance! Sebis Configurator 2.6b.zip summary_SEBIS_2018-12-02.txt
  2. Hmm, it is still reporting negatively. However, I just heard that there is a bug in this version of my program so I have to make some changes anyway. Hopefully the final version won't be detected; if so I'll start a thread. Thanks for the help anyway! Kind regards, Guido Wassenaar
  3. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I had read the article, interesting! Although my file is still being detected at the moment as an anomaly. I am not sure why; should I clear a cache or something? Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Guido Wassenaar
  4. Hi Malwarebytes staff, The new version of my software I created for my company is again incorrectly flagged as Malware. Could you resolve this issue? The report and the executable are attached. Thanks in advance! Kind regards, Guido Wassenaar false positive report.txt Sebis v2.5b.rar
  5. Hi Malwarebytes staff, I am a software developer and I have got a report from a client that my program is being marked as malware. I have confirmed this myself. The report and the so called infected files are attached. Could you help resolve this issue? Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Guido Wassenaar configurator.rar false positive report.txt
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