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  1. I most certainly have a problem on my MacPro (old, "cheese-grader") work station. Somehow – somewhere on one of my internal drives, in one of my HD-bays here – there is some sort of R.A.T. I keep getting intermittent emails "from myself" telling me I need to ante-up to a group of friends' Bitcoin account OR... they're gonna send all sorts of hideous garbage "to ALL" my Contacts. (Long story, I'll spare you the details.) Question: After spending 2 days' research on TONS of sites dealing with 'RAT' issues (preventing/removing malware from our computers) – having found Malwarebytes mentioned quite admiringly in some of what I've read, recalling that my most-trusted Mac-guru once advised me to download Malwarebytes quite some time ago when I experienced something quite a bit less-onerous than my circumstances today – I figured I'd work with the 'try b-4 u buy' version in order to at least scan my computer/it's internal Network, to "see" "where" this garbage-ware-RAT is located, possibly be provided some avenue upon which I might start the work of getting rid of my problem. However, in just seconds (REALLY fast; that's cool!) Malwarebytes gave me a Clean Bill of Health. (What?!) Then where, how are these goof-balls getting *some* "password information" that is correct? (MOST of the information they send me via email – to let me know they're "in" – is TOTALLY wrong. But some of it... These ain't easily found, published, "available" bits of information. I smell a RAT! But where?) I'm thinking "Might Malwarebytes only be scanning my 'Macintosh HD'? Perhaps the 'RAT' is, instead, nested inside a file on one of my connected, INTERNAL HDD's!" Does Malwarebytes scan one's entire network? Or does it only look at the "Macintosh HD"? I cannot tell by looking at the report it generated. Thanks in advance, mm
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