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  1. Thanks, Ron, for your kind welcome! I may seem very new around these parts but I've been a Malwarebytes customer since it was first introduced and as such I'm the proud owner of a perpetual licence ? Yes, I'm more than aware of the Windows XP status, but what do I do? -- these high end scanners are priceless and must be kept going - there's very little to replace them with (film photography is not exactly on the ascendancy). But I'm trying to find what's changed - everything was working perfectly just two weeks ago. Even the standard edition of MBAM worked fine. Now I get: "Malwarebytes has encountered a problem and needs to close....." Based on some analysis by your support people it seems that the POS updates may be causing the problem. But which ones to uninstall? I was hoping there may some prior knowledge. If not I think my best course of action is to start uninstalling the most recent KB updates first. (Yes, I would love to be running Windows 10 on the scanning workstation, but Microsoft stopped supporting the SCSI architecture which I think was a mistake - it was hugely popular. So my only course of action was to specifically install Windows XP!!!) Many thanks, Philip
  2. I am running Windows XP out of necessity, to support two high end (and very expensive) scanners which only operate on the SCSI bus. I had installed the POS2009 updates to improve security. Everything has been working very well, for over a year. MBAM standard edition installed and ran very well. But in the last two weeks there's been an MBAM problem: When invoked from the desktop it throws up: "Malwarebytes has encountered a problem and needs to close........" It closes, however there is a large MBAM executable running which shows up in Task Manager. I'm not sure it's doing anything useful. I took up the issue with Malwarebytes support - after analysis they said that the POS2009 updates were causing the problem and I should uninstall them. I'm OK with uninstalling KB updates, but which ones? I assume it's only very recent POS updates because MBAM was running perfectly until two weeks ago. Does anyone know which POS updates should be uninstalled to solve the MBAM crash? Thanks very much!
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