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  1. Many thanks. I did as outlined and all seems to be working well. Cheers David
  2. I would like to transfer one of my MWB premium licenses to another computer. Currently I have MWB premium installed on a Win 7 PC and a Win 10 PC, and I want to transfer the licence on the Win 7 PC to a second Win 10 PC I have recently got (So, I will have both licences on two Win 10 PCs). Have I understood correctly that the procedure I have to follow is: (a)Log in to My Account and deactivate my license key. (b)Delete the copy of MWB premium on my Win 7 PC (c)Download and install a copy of (free) MWB on the new/second Win 10 PC. (d)Enter my licence details into the MWB on the new/second Win 10 PC, and do so within 24 hours of (a)? (and that copy will then be recognized as the second of the two premium licences?) Thanks! David (Getting older but definitely no wiser)
  3. Many thanks indeed for the very invaluable help. There is one question I would like to ask. I started the 'full scan' on my friend's PC last night and told him it would most likely take 1 or at the most 2 hours as his Win 10 PC is a hard disc of 464 Gigs with 33 Gigs occupied with programs, data, etc,. i.e, the vast majority (431) Gigs is free space and I assume MB doesn't scan free space? However, to his amazement, after nearly five hours, it was still running! (as below) and he turned it off as he was going to bed and he had no idea about how much longer it was going to take. As far as I can see, his PC is reasonably fast and I therefore could not explain why MB was taking so long. Can you shed any light on this please? Thanks
  4. Wow! Many thanks indeed. That worked a treat! I would never have thought of doing that! However, surely having to tap the 'Scanner' button but *not* on its "Scan" box (the place where most people would surely click) is an error? This, to me, is a classic example of how program-writers make things into a virtual guessing-game!i Hopefully MB will correct this feature in updates as it could easily be missed. Thanks again. David
  5. Hi Maurice, Many thanks. The (free) version I downloaded for my friend is 4.0.4. This is the 'main manu' on his PC - as you can see, there is no option to select the drive to scan. And if he clicks on 'Scanner', he gets this: So, So with the free version, there is no choice in what drive can be scanned (I assume the scanning is drive C:?) and if the user wants a choice, they have to buy the premium version? In view of what you say, I may download the updated version for the premium MB I currently have on two PCs (valid to October 2018). Thanks for your help.
  6. In October 2018 I bought a copy of Malwarebytes (MB) to work on a Win 7 and a Win 10 PC. I am often asked to download an update but after using PCs for 25+ years, I find that updates are rarely, if ever, an improvement, so I only get an update when I have no choice. Also, as I am now getting old, I invariably don't like changes anyway! :-} I recently downloaded a free copy of MB for a friend's new (WIn 10) PC and it's horrible! It certainly doesn't resemble the MB I currently use. For example, on my premium MB, I can designate the drive I want to scan, but on the free MB I downloaded, it's totally different. For example, I cannot see any option to scan a particular drive or folder. And on the "Scan summary" it doesn't even say (on either the summary or 'advanced') what drives it's scanned... The issue that most bothers me is whether the 'new' MB I am looking at resembles what the premium MB will resemble if I download an update for the two premium copies I currently use (or a new copy in October 2020). If so, I certainly won't even bother renewing my sub. (People download free copies to get an idea of what the paid version will do, so If the free MB is wholly different from the premium MB, it's hardly a good idea as it will surely only serve as a deterrent?) If anyone can shed light on this issue, I'd very much appreciate it. Thanks!
  7. I did and it says this: "Malwarebytes Premium License key XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Renewal date Oct 06, 2020 Reference number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Available devices 0 of 2" What does "0 of 2" mean? David
  8. Many thanks for the replies. Can I ask one more question? Is each copy of MWB I can use 'tied', for its lifetime, to a particular PC? I currently have one copy on a Win 10 PC and the second copy is on a WIn 7 PC (it appears my licence allows me to have two copies working). However, I doubt whether I will be able to use the Win 7 PC for much longer due to various serious faults which seem to be increasing. When I discard this PC (and I suspect that will be very soon), and I secure wipe all the content, will I be able to use the second copy of Malwarebytes on a replacement PC (which will be either Win 10 or Win7)? Thanks. David
  9. I bought Malwarebytes in October 2018. The order stated: Quantity Product name 2 Malwarebytes Premium 2 Year Subscription £59.99 On how many PCs can I install it? (I cannot see this mentioned anywhere). I have two PCs (Win 7 and Win 10) on which I have it installed although I never have both running at the same time. I wondered if I could have it installed on a third PC - again this would not be used when either of the other two PCs were running. (Incidentally, I only bought ONE copy so I do not understand the "2" in the above under "quantity" - or does this refer to the number of PCs on which it can be installed?) Can anyone help please? I'm confused! (I'm in my 70s though!) Thanks David
  10. Hi, Thanks. The guides/FAQ do not help and I do not have scan scheduled. As I say, how do I get to the option to carry out a full scan (And why is it so difficult to get to this? Surely the scan options should not only be the MAIN part, but included on a menu which is PROMINENT?). Thanks, David
  11. Can anyone help please? Quite often when I use MWB, I click on scan, wanting to do a FULL scan, it insists on undertaking a quick one. Sometimes the option to do the full scan appears so I click on 'Custom Scan' and select the drive, whereas on other occasions, it just says "Your scan is complete. No threats detected..." even though I haven't done a scan! So, I go to dashboard, but then it only runs a quick scan (For some weird reason MWB seems to hide the very controls you most need, i.e., those to control the type of scanning you want (I've found this with other AV programs) Can anyone PLEASE tell me how to find the options to do the type of scanning that I want to do (and not what MWB wants?) Thanks
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