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  1. Just to conclude. Firstly, thanks for the help here. I renewed my sub. (prematurely), for 3 devices, for 2 years - and for a very good price. The (new) MWB code has been changed on two PCs and that all went straightforwardly. Thanks again, David
  2. Just received this: "Due to high ticket volume, our response to your ticket may be delayed. For fastest results, check our Malwarebytes Support site where you can find answers to common inquiries. You can resolve many billing related issues by logging into My Account. If you do not have a My Account login, refer to Create your My Account profile article for instructions." This is becoming silly. I can see myself cancelling. All I want is to amend the subscription.
  3. The support ticket to my further (repeat) request sent today is "Malwarebytes Support Ticket 3187962" I would point out I emailed my original request a week ago and I didn't even receive an acknowledgement to this. My request was: "All I want is for my subscription to be swapped over to the £69.99 5-device one. Will you please confirm this will be done on 5 October 2020 please...."
  4. I've now emailed, yet again, marking it for the attention of the manager, asking for my sub. to be swapped to the £69.99 5-device one on renewal next month. Hopefully someone will reply. Otherwise, I'll most likely cancel. I emailed support@mail.malwarebytes.com - is there a better address to write??? Thanks.
  5. Thanks. I hope the Support will reply because, to me, it looks like it will be best to end my current subscription and then take out a new one for £69.99 so I can have MWB on up to five machines. This seems very untidy.
  6. I received the following email from MWB last week: "Hi David, Your Malwarebytes Premium order, Reference # 81973256, is set to automatically renew itself on 10/05/2020, for 59.99 GBP using the credit card ending in *** we have on file for you." I replied to this saying: "Thanks. I see from your website the prices are: "1 device: £29.99 5 devices: £69.99" At the moment I have Malwarebytes on two PC's. Can I pay the £10 extra (i.e., £69.99) and have it on more PCs (but not exceeding five)?" I've not had any reply yet, so can anyone help me with this questi
  7. Many thanks. I did as outlined and all seems to be working well. Cheers David
  8. I would like to transfer one of my MWB premium licenses to another computer. Currently I have MWB premium installed on a Win 7 PC and a Win 10 PC, and I want to transfer the licence on the Win 7 PC to a second Win 10 PC I have recently got (So, I will have both licences on two Win 10 PCs). Have I understood correctly that the procedure I have to follow is: (a)Log in to My Account and deactivate my license key. (b)Delete the copy of MWB premium on my Win 7 PC (c)Download and install a copy of (free) MWB on the new/second Win 10 PC. (d)Enter my licence details into the MWB on
  9. Many thanks indeed for the very invaluable help. There is one question I would like to ask. I started the 'full scan' on my friend's PC last night and told him it would most likely take 1 or at the most 2 hours as his Win 10 PC is a hard disc of 464 Gigs with 33 Gigs occupied with programs, data, etc,. i.e, the vast majority (431) Gigs is free space and I assume MB doesn't scan free space? However, to his amazement, after nearly five hours, it was still running! (as below) and he turned it off as he was going to bed and he had no idea about how much longer it was
  10. Wow! Many thanks indeed. That worked a treat! I would never have thought of doing that! However, surely having to tap the 'Scanner' button but *not* on its "Scan" box (the place where most people would surely click) is an error? This, to me, is a classic example of how program-writers make things into a virtual guessing-game!i Hopefully MB will correct this feature in updates as it could easily be missed. Thanks again. David
  11. Hi Maurice, Many thanks. The (free) version I downloaded for my friend is 4.0.4. This is the 'main manu' on his PC - as you can see, there is no option to select the drive to scan. And if he clicks on 'Scanner', he gets this: So, So with the free version, there is no choice in what drive can be scanned (I assume the scanning is drive C:?) and if the user wants a choice, they have to buy the premium version? In view of what you say, I may download the updated version for the premium MB I currently have on two PCs (valid to October 2018).
  12. In October 2018 I bought a copy of Malwarebytes (MB) to work on a Win 7 and a Win 10 PC. I am often asked to download an update but after using PCs for 25+ years, I find that updates are rarely, if ever, an improvement, so I only get an update when I have no choice. Also, as I am now getting old, I invariably don't like changes anyway! :-} I recently downloaded a free copy of MB for a friend's new (WIn 10) PC and it's horrible! It certainly doesn't resemble the MB I currently use. For example, on my premium MB, I can designate the drive I want to scan, but on the free MB I downloaded, it
  13. I did and it says this: "Malwarebytes Premium License key XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Renewal date Oct 06, 2020 Reference number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Available devices 0 of 2" What does "0 of 2" mean? David
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