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  1. Did the Clean, rebooted, installed latest version, no trouble. Many thanks.
  2. Just followed the instructions to use the support tool and here is the zip file.. mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. I run Win7. I have MB Premium (I believe it would be the prior version to 361). All was fine until the notification for an update to version came along. I click continue, the next window is the setup 'agree & install', I click that then it goes to the 'installing' window - but that's it; nothing happens. I look in the task manager and the detail shows the MB setup as not responding. I waited 10 minutes and it is still the same so I gave up and restarted the pc. Now I find the original MB doesn't open at all and this same 3.6.1 repeat scenario keeps reoccurring. At one point
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