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  1. No, that is not how it works. APIs are used in applications, not in the Operating System. And no, my 3D modeling software does not cede any resources to any other application. Once again, the Operating System determines the resources your application receives, not other applications. You establish a priority for your application and the Windows operating system determines which application takes control. In absolutely every case (except for Malwarebytes) when the user selects that application it becomes the active application and the windows for that application move to the foreground. In the case of Malwarebytes, it always gives itself the highest priority and never allows any other application to come to the foreground. It even places its own window on top of the Microsoft Task Manager. That not acceptable.
  2. It doesn't display a "tray notification." It displays a huge honking window in the middle of my window that interrupts other processes and never goes away. If it only displayed in the status bar tray, where it belongs, this wouldn't be an issue, but it doesn't. I'm not going to disable my computer's security while I render. If I didn't buy Malwarebytes I wouldn't have had this problem either. So that is not a solution. I was a developer for 35 years, and as a developer I'm telling you that Malwarebytes is not behaving like a Windows application should. There is absolutely no reason Melwarebytes needs to make every message the highest priority and interrupt every other process on the PC. That is simply bad design. They could simply display non-interactive messages in the Status Bar tray, like where suppose to from the very beginning.
  3. I should point out that Bryce allows me to continue rendering when the process gets interrupted, I do not have to begin again. But DAZ Studio and Hexagon do not have this capability.
  4. you are absolutely right, badly behaved programs will interrupt other processes. It is either the result of very bad program design, or the developers simply don't care what they interrupt because the arrogant pricks think the world revolves around their application. Either way the end result pisses off the end-user. I'm using DAZ Studio, Hexagon, and Bryce software for my 3D modeling, and since it takes so long to render I keep the application doing the rendering minimized. However, whenever Malwarebytes displays one of their intrusive messages my 3D modeling software stops all rendering to give priority to Malwarebytes. It has literally cost me dozens of hours re-rendering already. I cannot afford to have such a badly behaved piece of software on my PC. No other program behaves this way. Malwarebytes has chosen not to abide by the standards established by Microsoft for properly behaved applications, and it has resulted in a product that is unusable. I'm not sure if it is stupidity or just plain arrogance.
  5. Yes, when you create a new window you can establish its priority, but that priority is established with the operating system, not other applications. Applications are not coded to deal with pop-ups from other applications. They are coded to give the windows the create a specific priority. It is the same thing when creating a dialog. You are telling the operating system that the window is a dialog box and not a regular message box. It is the operating system that determines the behavior of the window based upon the priority given to it when the window was created. Malwarebytes is clearly giving their non-interactive messages inappropriate window priorities, which is causing this abnormal behavior. I thought the whole point of setting it up to be a manual update was to avoid the messages that the application needs to be updated. If it is going to continuously remind me that I need to update the application, what is the point of having a manual update? There is a way for Malwarebytes to not display their messages in the foreground, you just mentioned it - window priority. They create their windows in the foreground deliberately, when we both know that it is completely unnecessary. Messages whose sole purpose is merely to inform should have the lowest priority, but Malwarebytes gives it the highest priority, and that is just flat out wrong and piss poor application design.
  6. In my experience it did pop up a message every 30 seconds. I'm not exactly sure how long the first two times took, but it was under a minute. However, I timed it after I closed the window the third time and it took precisely 30 seconds before the window popped open for the fourth time. I already had all my notifications and updates turned off and set to manual in the Settings window. It appears to have absolutely no effect. I do own the premium subscription, and the advertisement I was getting was not from other companies, it was Malwarebytes telling me that there was an update available. I'm also pleased when a scan completes without finding any problems, but I do not need to have all my other applications interrupted and everything ground to a halt just because Malwarebytes wants to notify me of that fact. If Malwarebytes can't behave properly, like every other application, then it has no place on my PC.
  7. Applications are not coded to deal with pop-ups from other applications. It is the responsibility of the application performing the pop-up not to interrupt existing processes, unless necessary. Malwarebytes is making all of their messages appear in active windows. When they do that they interrupt all other processes. It is also completely unnecessary. To make matters even worse, even when you make another application active, the Malwarebytes windows remain open and always on top, even when they are no longer suppose to be active. When their window is no longer the active window it is suppose to return control to the application that is being made active and their window is put into the background. But that never happens. Malwarebytes windows always stay open and on top unless specifically closed by the user. No other application behaves in this manner. They could display informative messages that require no interaction from the user in the Windows Status Bar. Or those informative messages could be logged in case the user missed the message when it was initially displayed in a background window and wants to check the status of their security software. There are several different approaches Malwarebytes could have designed their application to be far less intrusive and disruptive. If I happen to miss the message that my scan was completed successfully without any issues my world is not about to come to an end. It is not that critical that I be informed immediately, taking priority over everything else. As for the repetitive harassing advertisements, the first time it popped up I just selected cancel to close the damn window because it had interrupted my other application. I do not know how long it took before the second message popped up because I had no reason to time it, but it was certainly under a minute. I selected "cancel" a second time and was beginning to get annoyed. When it popped up a third time, again in under a minute, I got pissed. I just closed the window instead of selecting "cancel" (by selecting the "X" in the upper-right corner of the window), and then I did time it. It took exactly 30 seconds before the message popped up for the forth time. That is when I uninstalled Malwarebytes. FYI, I am running Windows 10 Pro version 1803 build 17134.286.
  8. I apologize. I was under the impression that you worked for Malwarebytes and was providing technical support. I did not realize that you were just contributing freely and not in the employ of Malwarebytes. That is very generous of you. I do not mind being notified that there is a new update available and asking me whether or not I want to install the update now or not, but once I respond with "cancel" I should not be repeatedly harassed every 30 seconds with the same question. That makes it malicious behavior, and it really pisses me off. When using 3D modeling software that takes a very long time to render, I do not appreciate it when Malwarebytes interrupts that process just to tell me a scan was completed successfully. That also pisses me off. They can display messages without making it the active window. Every time Malwarebytes displays any message, even those that require no action from the user, they take control of the PC, interrupting all other processes. That may have been acceptable behavior for software back in the solo-tasking world of the 1980s, but not today. I expect my security software to run quietly in the background, only popping to the foreground whenever my attention is required. The developers at Malwarebytes are pretty damn arrogant to think that you should only be running their software and nothing else.
  9. If your software cannot distinguish between a benign "scan completed successfully" message that requires no action from the user from an alert message that requires the user's attention, then that is an indication of piss poor programming. The Settings window was the very first thing I changed. It appears to have absolutely no effect whatsoever. With both Application Update and Notification settings set to "Off," I continue to get spammed with messages, and they never close automatically either. Despite the completely bogus claim that notifications close after 5 seconds. I do appreciate the quick and detailed response, but I find your software's behavior to be wholly unacceptable.
  10. Every message Malwarebytes produces takes control of the PC, interrupting applications that are in progress. The annoying message I'm getting every 30 seconds asks me if I want to update to a new version of Malwarebytes, giving me only two options - install or cancel. When I select cancel then 30 seconds later the exact same message pops up, once again interrupting my other applications. This is damn annoying and unacceptable behavior for any application. Malwarebytes does not have a monopoly on my computer and I resent their hubris pretending that they do. I consider it malicious adware when you hock your goods every 30 seconds and refuse to allow the user to control their own PC, despite your claims to the contrary. Every other notification Malwarebytes produces does the exact same thing. Even when just informing you that the scan was completed successfully Malwarebytes has to interrupt my other applications and take control just to popup a message saying everything was fine. If you cannot tell me by the end of the day how to turn off these damn ads and extraneous messages, or at least make it so that they do not become the active window and interrupt my other applications, then I will buy another product tomorrow.
  11. Is there any way to turn off those damn annoying advertising and notification pop-ups? They always make themselves the active window when they pop-up, disrupting the application you happen to be running at the time. Turning off the Status bar notification under Settings does absolutely nothing, and it pop ups these damn advertisement windows every 30 seconds in the middle of my screen. It is so damn annoying that unless this problem can be resolved soon, I will have no alternative but to dump Malwarebytes and buy another product. In case you were wondering Malwarebytes is not the ONLY application running on the computer, and it is really damn annoying when they pretend they own your computer and do whatever they damn well please. That is not the kind of company I want to do business with.
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