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  1. Please help! I am spending more time walking to peoples computers and trying to figure out a workaround than I am spending on actual programming! I've tried to set exclusions for all the install paths but they seem to do nothing at all. Is there a way to notify the user that its been detected as anomalous WITHOUT deleting the file??? maybe provide them with a popup that allows them to continue or quarantine? It seems ridiculous that it just automatically quarantines without intervention?! this is really causing hours worth of wasted time... and i see that i am not the only person aff
  2. A few of my programs are being detected as malware while they are nothing but in-house programs these programs will not work out of our domain, so if you try and open them I guarantee they will probably crash... just a heads up please let me know asap as this is preventing us from doing work at the moment thanks! Report.txt Reported EXE.zip
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