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  1. That creates a bit of a conundrum. I use the same Google account on both my Windows computers and Chromebook. And log into the Chrome browser with the same Google account. Extensions I install on my Windows version of Chrome automatically get synced and installed in the Chrome browser on the Chromebook. And vice versa. Extensions that I disable on the Chromebook get automatically disabled on my Windows computers. So if I disable the Chrome Browser Guard extension on my Chromebook the Browser Guard extension will also get disabled on all of my Windows computers. A Chrome browser extension needs to work on both Windows and Chrome OS (Chromebooks). The previous 1.0 version of the Malwarebytes Browser Guard extension worked fine on both Windows and Chrome OS.
  2. Version 2.0.2 of Browser Guard is crashing on my Chromebook. Chromebook is a Samsung Chromebook Plus (V1 version, ARM, 32-bit). Browser Guard crashes when I click on the icon to open the GUI. The GUI tries to display then instantly crashes. When I go into the list of installed Chrome extensions I see that Browser Guard has a red exclamation point and the message "This extension may have been corrupted". With an option to repair. Do a repair and it will crash again the next time you try to open the GUI.
  3. The "Ratings & Reviews" section of product pages at Bed Bath And Beyond is blocked when "Ads/Clickbait" is enabled. Disable "Ads/Clickbait" and the ratings & reviews section of the product pages displays. Happens with both the Chrome extension and Firefox add-on versions of Malwarebytes. This isn't a complaint. Just a minor bug report. I know the browser extensions are in beta. I think these extensions are awesome.
  4. The process of adding an item to the shopping cart at Monoprice.com doesn't complete properly if Ads/Clickbait is enabled. The Monoprice item page will sit there spinning a circle after you click on "add to cart". If I disable Ads/Clickbait then the Monoprice shopping experience works properly. Using the Malwarebytes Chrome extension along with uBlock Origin extension with Windows 10.
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