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  1. Wanted to follow up with a question: can we get a notification from your company that there’s a malware link which needs to be removed before you block the whole Cloudfront distribution? That would be an immense help and prevent our users from being blocked.
  2. Thanks Steven, appreciate it. Can provide any ETA more or less? A month, a week?
  3. We removed the file, but the Google warning may still be present because this is out of our control atm. Can you check the link again?
  4. Have you tried accessing the site? This files does no longer exist.
  5. I am contacting you on behalf of CloudApp company (getcloudapp.com). Your software "Malwarebytes for Windows" started to mark our links pointing to dha4w82d62smt.cloudfront.net domain as malicious/potentially dangerous. This is critically affecting us because large amount of our users cannot access files stored on their CloudApp accounts. Here is an example link: https://dha4w82d62smt.cloudfront.net/items/2x0O262w3c1S31060S1I/Image%202018-10-03%20at%209.55.36%20AM.png I already contacted your Support and removed the file which triggered the block. Can you please review dha4w82d62smt.cloudfront.net again? Protection logs are attached. mbst-grab-results.zip
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