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  1. If I replace the PCIe ssd drive on my laptop which has the OS system installed with a new PCIe NVME ssd will this cure the issue ?
  2. Ok I will do that. These drives shouldn't be failing tho l. My laptop is a Asus Strix GL502VS DB71 Gaming laptop with a SSD and a 1T Hard drive bought at best buy and a my wife's is a MSI GS63VR. We don't game even tho these are gaming laptops we have barely use them and the chance of both laptops failing at the exact same time is strange. Yes we do have VPNs installed from ExpressVPN. However I am still going to check with the software you mentioned and see what's up. Thanks for that. @Ron have you had a chance to analyze and make a game plan? Thanks to
  3. Ok so here is another update.... I went to settings, updates and security and hit the reset button on both of our laptops. Mine and my wife's. Both laptops reset fine, both are unplugged from the internet. Everything looked ok and I checked both laptops for the same issues that I had found previously on my own laptop. I saw the exact same powershell.exe commands and lots of other suspicious and identical commands on both laptops. IDENTICAL! And something else happend as well... I had to make a phone call to comcast xfi bevause an unknown device connected to my own w
  4. Hi Ron, I have ran Kaspersky and it came out clean! HOWEVER, I have found weird scheduled tasks, registry entries, files ect that look suspicious to me and that none of the anti malware software finds. However when I look up these files online they are being mentioned by random people to be potential malware, Trojans, remote control files ect... For example cc cleaner showed me In My scheduled startup tasks weird powershell.exe tasks with strange codes for my files and drives that I couldn't remove at first because my access had been denied so I've been digg
  5. Hi Ron, first of all thank you for helping me. I have to tell you that in the meantime I had someone coming over and install HitmenPro Alert and HitmenPro and he ran some scans and was able to remove a Ransomware file found in my laptop. I am going to attach that specific hitmanpro alert log file for you as well. Also we updated and installed the new Win 10 update 1809 and ran more scans that came out. My hitmenpro alert software and windows defender alerted me that the FRST64x had unauthorized files and they had been blocked. however i was stil
  6. Hi guys, I'll keep my story short. I think my PC is being remotely controlled and infected with Trojans malware ransomware ect... what makes me feel like that? Well my certificates, credentials, passwords, user rights and much more being changed/blocked/deleted. I had to exchange my comcast router, I had a technician coming to my house to do a checkup he found my outside Xfinity box open and the cables were played with. He installed a moca point of entry adapter just in case im a victim of w man of the middle or evil twin attack. I installed ExpressVPN, brand new bitdefender 2019 top security
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