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  1. Kevin, thanks for the suggestion. I have excluded our network drives and do not have the false detection anymore. Dyllon, thanks for the confirmation about the false positive results. I appreciate both of you guys' help on this issue! Hope you have a great weekend!
  2. Hey Kevin, I added exclusions for our network drives in the Kaseya management console, but it did not stop MB from scanning the network drives. I edited it this morning, adding asterisks after the drive to see if that will work. I have attached a screenshot. Dyllon, We have used Ghost in the past, but it has been about 10 years.
  3. Hey Kevin, I do have mapped shared drives, and the H:\ drive referred to in the log is one of these. All of the users "My Documents" directory is redirected there. I have uploaded the files to you using Kevin as the case #. Thanks, Tony
  4. Running MalwareBytes Anti-Malware with Database Version v2018.10.03.08 on Windows 7 Professional in a Windows 2008 R2 domain. When running a scan, I am getting results that include files and directories that do not exist. I am not sure how to go about proving or disproving the results. For the files, I created some identically named files and copied them successfully into the reported location, and was not presented with a warning / overwrite message. The directories reported do not exist. I am attaching the log file so that you can see the detected files and directories. Thanks in advance for your help...Tony MBAM-log-2018-10-03 (14-29-51).txt
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