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  1. Latest BETA fixed the BSOD issue. Thanks! -Matt
  2. mwac.sys not interaction with LAN drivers and possibly other LAN Filters in a stable way. Someone let me know once this issue has been resolved and is in standard release please. -Matt
  3. Thanks for your reply. I had a client that I suggested they buy Malwarebytes and they installed on all of their systems. One user came in through VPN infected with ransomware and encrypted all of their machines including all company data on several boxes. Malwarebytes did not protect any of the machines. All the machines had Malwarebytes running and up to date and all had all of their data encrypted. Malwarebytes did not protect the machines it was running and licensed on. This is how important it is to check SMB reads and writes. The client is still running Malwarebytes but I had to n
  4. Sorry, this post should have been in the Suggestions topic. Feel free to move.
  5. Yes, in an ideal world every machine would be running Malwarebytes, however, until then, your SMB shares are at risk if a laptop or other computer gets infected and has access to shares. It's normal to buy a new laptop and bring it home and start working with your machines but it appears your computers with shares open are at risk even if you have Malwarebytes running on them all. Wouldn't it be nice if MB had SMB intelligence and an option to protect shared folders? -pcmatt
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