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  1. Hello @bdubrow- " However, even if you've opted out of that setting there is certain key information that will always be sent regardless of the setting." i guess that's what my pi.hole/ blocked then ? " This data is required and considered integral for normal and proper program functionality. The information sent includes data such as the program's license state, specific build (in case where there may be custom functionality), the operating system and other basic system info (file system, architecture), specific program version in use (including component and database packages) and other general program settings like language and real-time protection modules enabled. This is required so we know what updates and versions of the product to send you, and perhaps even more important so as to avoid any potential conflict, which to not send. " This was not clear in the Privacy Policy, Thank you for clarifying. " I'm not going to debate our entire privacy policy here, but I will mention that others have actually complimented us before on how easy it was for them to understand vs pages of legalese that you'll find at a lot of other companies. " You're not required to, however i do not agree with 90% of what's written in the privacy policy, therefore i will continue to block as much as of the telemetry as i can! ( note that it's not malwarebytes that i block telemetry from. ) " Your statements above leave out a few key points where we specifically state that providing information to us, like your email or phone number, is completely optional or voluntary in order for us to communicate with you at your request. " You'r reffering to this ? " Providing your data is optional, but it may be necessary for certain services, accessing content, such as whitepapers and webinars, or to receive customer support services. In such cases, if you do not provide your information, we may not be able to provide you with the requested services. " Because i see no other " optional " written anywhere else on malwarebytes Privacy Policy, So this applies to, Website and Dialogue Collection right ? "Lastly, I'll point out that the Other Privacy Considerations section explains the opt out procedure for all products. The remaining data sent is required for us to serve you correctly. " ? there's no data being sent from my system to malwarebytes servers except what i choose to send out throught my network. Telemetry is not one of those data, therefor the telemetry is not required in order to " serve me correctly " "We recently, along with pretty much all other companies doing business in Europe, went through an exhaustive audit of all data and privacy collection practices at Malwarebytes to ensure we were compliant with all the new GDPR regulations. If you are still uncomfortable, then it is of course your option to not use Malwarebytes. We try to be as transparent as possible with our disclosures " Yes well, you can thank the European Parliament and Council of the European Union for that. Uncomfortable i am not!, But like i said in my other post i want the telemetry gone, looks like that ain't gonna happen, so my pi.hole/ will continue doing what it does best. I like malwarebyte, will continue to use it.
  2. Hello Lock, after reading your thread, with the vague / poor, answers you got, i can clearly see that ur not happy! I completly understand! After reading what ImDevinC the Malwarebytes Employee wrote on reddit forums, and i quote. " Lastly, you can disable telemetry data being sent to us in your application settings. Simply go to Settings -> Application and at the very bottom, turn off the option titled "Usage and Threat Statistics". I've included an option of the screenshot below.If you have any other questions about our updated privacy policy, feel free to post them here and I'll see if I can get answers from our teams.https://i.imgur.com/YsisDAR.png " I can say with certainty that, This is absolutly not true! The telemetry is still active even tho you turn the option off! ( he even posted a imgur link to where he turned off the option, even tho it does nothing ) And regarding the Privacy Policy from malwarebytes. Let me break it down for anyone who reads it. This part right here is about malwarebytes spying on you when you surf around the net ( visiting diffrent websites, such as fb, twitter, yt, twitch ect ect ) When do we collect your information? We may collect your information: " (2) when you interact with certain portions of our website, such as our forums, blogs, and support center ("Website Collection") " (3) when you communicate with us by email, chat, or otherwise ( Seriously ? your gonna collect my data from my email client and chat programs i have installed in my system such as skype and discord ect ? ) NO THANK YOU! ( No i did not misunderstand this, if they collect data via email when i communicate with malwarebytes, there's nothing saying that they cannot collect more! ) This part here can mean anything that malwarebytes want! " We may collect both personal information and non-personal information. personal information is information that is either expressly provided by you, such as your name, or information that can be used either alone or in combination with other information to personally identify you, such as your email address, phone number, and user name. " Why would you need my phone number & adress? Your not supposed to have this kind of information unless i SPECIFICALLY GIVE IT TO YOU! And you shall not personally identify me! Again NO THANK YOU! This part here is freaking scary, it baffles me that it's written in such a way, and in clear text too. " We may collect the following personal information from you: Contact Information (such as name, email address, mailing address, or phone number); Unique Identifiers (such as username and password used for authenticating your Malwarebytes accounts and products) and machine identification number; Information about your business (such as company name, company size, business type) and; Information related to your usage of our products as described in the next section, below. Our third party service providers may collect billing information (credit card number and billing address) on our behalf to process orders. " Basically what they are saying here is that they can take any data related to you or your company, and share it with 3rd party's... i could explain the last part about he IP from the ISP too but i don't think i have to. What malwarebytes writes here is just... This information may include Internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, Internet service provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, the files viewed on our site (e.g., HTML pages, graphics, etc.), operating system, date/time stamp, and/or clickstream data to analyze trends in the aggregate, and anonymously generated device identifiers and administer the site. Yeah okey... so if the data is anonymously generated, you would not need identifiers and / or my personal Information nor would you need my machine id. There's no need for all the information you collect throught the telemetry just in order to protect the people that use malwarebytes from the malicuios code that can infect windows systems. No instead what you do with the data you collect is most likely that you sell it to 3rd party and earn money of it. Realize that i like my Privacy and have no interest to share what personal data i have on my system with malwarebytes! So if you actually read all the way down to here, your thinking why keep malwarebytes then? just uninstall it or install Zemana or other antimalware software. Because i actually like malwarebytes and i've have been using it for a long long time, and it both bothers me and pisses me f*** off that they have s**t like this in a really good software. I want the telemetry gone from malwarebytes! You do not collect any data from me without asking me first and in detail explain what it is you want to collect!
  3. As title says... Malwarebytes sending Telemetry despite option is turned off! Explain please! Additional info. Malwarebytes has been uninstalled and reinstalled, the telemetry is still active. Latest version is installed! Yes i read this thread I also read this reddit thread here where the Malwarebytes Employee promised that the telemetry would be turned off when the option in settings was set to off. Obviously this is not the case. Info taken from pi.hole/ & malwarebytes settings. ( im lucky i have that hardware in my network if i did not malwarebytes would have gotten tons of data from me without me knowning despite having the option turned off in settings! )
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