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  1. See I'm the opposite I am a Sophos central endpoint advanced + intercept x user on my personal machine but have work machines running mep. I trust sophos a lot more than mep, sorry mwb but my faith was recently shaken in mep. But also as the previous reply stated u will really need to carefully put exclusions in place on both products if ur determined to use both but I personally think it might cause each product to cripple the others protection. I've seen it before and have always stuck with one make of security product since. Jk
  2. I had a machine with Endpoint protection installed on windows server 2016 with all features enabled in its policy. Well it missed combo ransomware! Think the actual varient was new variant of dharma ransomware. But it whipped out 10tb worth of data and some os system files as it blue screened then had to be recovered after that to repair its boot, only to then discover the cause of the crash the ransomware. Well its really upturned my faith in mwb products now and Ive started to install another anti ransomware product from a competitor on our other 24 machines we use mwb endpoint on.
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