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  1. Sorry for the delay, i ended up going on Microsoft website and downloaded and installed the new feature update. So i essentially reset the computer. Thanks for your help
  2. i attached the file you requested Microsoft.7z Microsoft.7z
  3. there was nothing found. Somehow, something changed all my permissions for pretty much every snap in for Microsoft Management Console mbar-log-2020-07-27 (10-25-11).txt system-log.txt
  4. attached is the fixlog, however the issue still remains i did run GMER and that popped a rootkit have also attached that log as wellFixlog.txt gmer.log
  5. attached is the fixlog. no log was created from MSRT. now im having issues accessing things such as the device manager and group policy editor. its saying an admin has restricted access. im the only person who uses or has access to this machine. Fixlog.txt
  6. i dont see any fixlist. also, now my microsoft management conmsole ib throwing a message saying access denied by group policy but i never set that
  7. rkill started throwing this reparse point last night and it has greatly degraded the performance of my machine. how do i remove this? i have attached logs from the various scans i have run freefixer-log.txt Malwarebytes.txt Rkill.txt Info20200722151130.txt
  8. i recently got my hands on a horribly infected laptop. im not sure if i was successful in removing all infections. i have attached frst logs Addition.txt FRST.txt
  9. AddCheckResults.txtition.txmbst-grab-results.ziptFRST.txt
  10. Still erattic. i still see things not acting right., ugh
  11. im not exactly sure what that was meant to do, but it did nothing. there are so many other errors in the logs that i sent.
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