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  1. UPDATE: After nuking chrome again, it appears that Fastsearch is no more! I must've missed something the first time around. This time I also ended any and all Google processes running in the background. Steps: 1. Close chrome and force quit chromium and chrome/google processes in Activity Monitor. 2. Completely Erase all of these files and folders (thanks treed for this info): /Applications/Chrome.app /Library/Application Support/Google/ /Library/Google/ ~/Library/Application Support/Google/ ~/Library/Google/ ~/Library/Preferences/com.google.Chrome.plist 3. Restart computer. 4. Download and reinstall fresh Chrome. 5. Profit. RIP Fastsearch. Hope this helps, guys. I'm going to add this to my original post. Thanks for all your suggestions.
  2. As a matter of fact, I did. I completely nuked Chrome and there are no configuration profiles on the computer so at this point I'm rather mystified.
  3. Hey everyone, This is the first time I've had to inquire about malware in a long time. My Chrome browser (on Mac High Sierra) gets hijacked by an entity called "Fastsearch" which opens whenever I open a new tab or window. I've ran updated Malware Bytes to no avail as it doesn't find anything. I've deleted chrome's application support files and reinstalled Chrome but the issue persists. I'm starting to think it's another application or something else that is actively installing this malicious extension to new iterations of Chrome when installed. If anyone could give me any insight into this I would massively appreciate it as it's starting to really bother me. Thanks so much for reading!
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