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  1. Thank you. Much appreciated. I got the extension from my Safari extensions list. Adblock Plus 1.12.5 by Eyeo GmbH. I checked the link that you gave and it appears to be the same extension and is from Eyeo BmbH. I also noticed the same statement on the other extensions that I use, i.e., Ebates and Pinterest Pin It Button. Why do they need the same level of access? Do all extensions routinely use this level of access?
  2. I just installed the Ad Blocker Plus extension to my Safari browser. While checking "Preferences | Extensions" I found a note that reads " Adblock Plus and read, modify, and transmit content from all webpages. This could include sensitive information like passwords, phone numbers and credit cards" . Raised a flag for me. What does this actually mean? Am I making my browsing unsafe by using the adblocker?
  3. Thank you very much for your input. I did look into the system preferences before i started using Malwarebytes. And I do have staff working with me on this. It is somewhat resolved but some things are not being picked up so the support is still in progress. Thanks once again.
  4. I don't use iCloud and have never signed in to it. Also don't have any other iDevices.
  5. I'm pretty sure there were some infections before, but the real trouble began a couple of weeks ago when I updated one of my programs and, yes, quickly clicked through it without reading everyone. The screen hangs began then and the TimeWarner Walmart gift card ad took over my email page over and over. I also visited a site to view a movie and it began to pour downloads like rain into my download folder. Couldn't stop it and had to do a force quit. Then deleted what must have been over a hundred downloads (didn't open any). So here is the update on my scans and quarantines. The scans a
  6. Got it. A scan was performed every hour since I installed. I deleted additional items 2 times since i first cleared the folder. At present it is empty. How do I know which item in the Q folder were created by Search? I'll keep watch. I'm so pleased my computer is running smoothly again.
  7. No antivirus is being used. Seems I have a resolution with the help of "treed" - see above. Thanks for looking in.
  8. Got great help from Thomas Reed. You can see the results above. Thank you for your interest.
  9. Thanks. All good to know. This is all new territory for me. I signed up for your Malwarebytes Lab newsletter. The cleansing seems to have worked. I've been working for about 2 hours with our a screen or mouse hang. Even did some Photoshop work without any hangs. I cleared the Q folder, rescanned. Did another scan and then a scheduled scan kicked in. Got 71 items in the Q folder. So will repeat the process. Re the preference settings - I changed the options for the reasons I mentioned. I'll turn the PUPs off as per your suggestion. May I ask why this is suggested? Seems to me
  10. Yes, I've been having a terrible time with with all kinds of pop ups, Walmart offer taking over my email page, getting computer freezes every 15-20 minutes, etc. Have been researching for days and then researching Malwarebytes. I was afraid to download it too not trusting anything. I finally came across some of your writings and decided to take the leap. So thank you very much for this help. MBAB has prompted me several times for a restart, which I did. I was hesitant to clear the Q folder due to the info I read about some files that go into the Q folder that are not malicious bu
  11. I got the number from "get info" for the Quarantine Folder for which I attached a screenshot here. Also attached are 3 screenshot samples from within the Quarantine Folder.
  12. Thank you alvarnell. I submitted a support ticket. Very much appreciate that recommendation. Also thanks for correcting my use of terms. I fixed that in the support ticket as well. I'm not up on all of the correct terms, but trying to cope with all of the malware, adware ad pups has educated me somewhat.
  13. There are 35,569 items in the quarantine folder. That can't be right?? This is within the first 15 minutes of using Malwarebytes. Now I don't know what to do about all of those items and have no way of telling if they are really junk files and can be deleted. I'm worried about what to do about the contents of this folder and if any of the items are important to keep. Would appreciate guidance.
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