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  1. Perfect, thanks @dcollins ... that is indeed the exact file I have. Awesome! Love these forums.
  2. (Oops, previous post got cut off) Thanks @1PW !! I did use VirusTotal to check the file previously and that is indeed the exact file I have on my system. I was a bit bothered by the fact that it had a -7 community score because someone (for some reason) downvoted it but I see you just upvoted it. Thanks for checking and confirming
  3. It's not a big issue to be honest (if it's an issue at all). I just happened to notice the service consuming slightly higher memory which led me to do some investigation. One thing led to another and since I'm a little paranoid I thought I'd just ask on the forum if someone can post the file hashes for that file. @exile360 or @Firefox do you mind posting the hashes for me so I can give my paranoia a rest
  4. I'm pretty sure it's valid, just doing some due diligence. I see somewhat high memory usage from time to time. There's a lot of posts on the board about a previous issue related to high CPU/memory usage for mbamservice.exe so I just wanted to make extra sure
  5. I really like the "Security audit" feature of MBAM Android but it's missing a crucial check ... whether or not Android is configured to allow installation from an unknown source. Can this check be added to the "Security audit" feature please?
  6. Hi folks, I just want to verify my MBAM install. Can someone please post the file hashes for the "official" version of "MBAMService.exe" which is typically found at: C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\MBAMService.exe Thanks!
  7. Hi, I'm probably missing something obvious ... When I run an on-demand scan it's very easy to see what the result of the scan was since there's a big counter while the sscan is running, and at the end there's a big checkmark with the words "No malware found!" which is very reassuring. However, when Malwarebytes automatically runs a scan after a database update, the only feedback I get is an entry under "Scanner" with the date and time, the time the scan took, and the number of files and apps that was scanned. There is no message saying "No malware found!" or something similar. So how do I know if the "Scan after update" found anything, or not? Here's a screenshot if it helps ... notice how the top entry that reads "Scan after update" has no message saying what the outcome of the scan was. Thanks!
  8. Just to make sure there is no confusion, here is a screenshot of what is installed by Google Chrome by default (AdwCleaner detects the Ask search entry).
  9. Oops, wish I could edit posts ... I meant to say in the previous message "Since the Ask search is installed by the latest versions(s) of Chrome by default ..."
  10. @fr33tux @Elisabeth @exile360 Sorry forgot to tag the right people for a response. Since the Ask toolbar is installed by the latest versions(s) of Chrome by default most (if not all) users of AdwCleaner will probably see that detection so a little more clarity around this will be great.
  11. Hi, thanks for the reply. So just to clarify ... what you're saying is that, even though the Ask search engine is installed by Chrome by default and not "real" malware, you still advise against having it which is why it's reported by AdwCleaner, is that right? I just want to make sure I don't have anything to worry about (other than the fact that Ask search is installed by Chrome). Thanks!
  12. I noticed that when I downloaded AdwCleaner from the MalwareBytes website the download location was actually: https://download.toolslib.net/download/direct/1/latest?channel=release Is that address legitimate? The SHA256 on the file I download is 00ae902b55282d3f4e6b506ed956d1b370d38d2b5a07f79b63e731b21970783c. Here is the VirusTotal link. If someone can please confirm the fingerprint I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
  13. Hi, I just did a fresh Windows 10 Pro install and after loading MalwareBytes and Chrome and updating both to the latest versions I ran AdwCleaner. Much to my dismay, it came back with two entries! PUP.Optional.Legacy - Chrome Search Provider Ask - Chrome Search Provider Ask That has to be false positives right? See attached files for details. I have two Chrome profiles, hence the two detections. I went to Chrome > Settings > Manage search engines and removed the Ask entries and now AdwCleaner comes up clean. Is there any reason to be worried at all? I'm pretty sure these are installed by the official Chrome installer but I would love to hear from others who have Chrome installed if they're also seeing this. Thanks!! AdwCleaner[S00].txt
  14. Thanks again for taking the time to respond in such detail, I appreciate it!
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