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  1. The "Regional format" setting for all the machines that exhibited the behavior in the screenshot was set to "English (Canada)". However, I just installed it on a system that was set to "English (United States)" and on that system AdwCleaner correctly pre-selected "English". So @nukecadyou probably have a point. If AdwCleaner doesn't find the system's region code in some internal list it defaults the UI display language to English but doesn't set that language selector accordingly.
  2. I run it at least once a week, so no. It loads new definitions every time you run it as well.
  3. I'm extremely skittish about installing one-off things on my PC. That said, just open AdwCleaner 8.0.1 on a machine where it hasn't been opened before, then check the settings tab. I've seen the same behavior on 2 other Windows 10 PC's so it's very easy to replicate.
  4. Okay so maybe it's just me but can we change the default color of the ring under "Real-Time Protection" if there are 0 detections? Currently if you have 0 detections it's orange which is the same color used for Exploits. Opening that tab always gives me a moment of anxiety when I see the big orange ring until I see "0 Total"! 😀
  5. I would like to add my vote for checksums as well. I would especially love to see an archived list of previously released setup files with their checksums. Not necessarily to download them, just as a reference. I have a very elaborate and time consuming process I follow to make sure that a file is legit before I go ahead and run it. I then save that file offline for audit purposes. While I can always run one of those older files through VT again, it won't tell me if the file was originally available on the official MBAM website. That "relationships" tab is hit and miss.
  6. Ah, I also just noticed why I thought updates weren't being posted in the pinned thread ... the forum software no longer updates the last edited date in the thread view so I didn't bother to look as the last edited date was back in November, 2019, even though there were more recent updates. 😉
  7. Hi, I've never enrolled (now, or in the past) in the Beta program. Are these being pushed by mistake?
  8. Hi, I was offered a component package update from 1.0.785 to 1.0.793 last night. Does anyone know what was changed/updated? It's been a while since the pinned thread in this forum has been updated with component package updates so not sure if this is now being posted elsewhere, but I couldn't find anything. Thanks!
  9. Hi, on a fresh install of AdwCleaner 8.0.1 on Windows 10 Pro (1909) the language selection doesn't detect the correct system language (English) and instead defaults to what is shown in the attached screenshot. The UI is in English though so it seems the issue is specific to the drop-down logic. Anyone else see the same?
  10. That's great news, thank you @nikhils! Do you have an approximate ETA by any chance? I noticed it's still downloading the old version 😋
  11. I was able to confirm that this is based on location. A friend of mine in the US also got version of the offline installer, whereas people outside the US are getting version of the online installer. @LiquidTensionor @nikhilscan you guys please update the download page so that non-US customers can download the latest version ( of the online installer instead of the old version ( of the online installer? Thanks!
  12. Interesting, so you're getting version of the full installer, I'm getting version of the online installer, nut neither of us is getting version of the online installer. I wonder if this is a IP geo-location thing. I'm in Canada, looks like you're in the US. Thanks for checking!
  13. It's great to hear about the increased size limit on VirusTotal, it's getting to the point where we can scan some pretty decent disk images on there! 👍 Just to circle back to downloading the latest version of the online installer, and to also explain a bit why I'm being so such a PIA about this. So the file I'm looking for is this one: Version:, MD5: e0e358ef46605899aabe5730466fe015; SHA-1: 401978c7b1e946ca3c7cf87e0d8ad82ce62d91b1 The above file is the latest version ( of the online installer, and is also the one currently being download by MBAM 3 to update itself to MBAM 4. As a result, it is also the file I used to upgrade my install of MBAM 3 to MBAM 4, but only after spending a decent amount of time doing my due diligence. I checked the file using several online scanners, checked forums for known issues, asked for verification on the file fingerprint, even installed it on a temporary VM, etc. Once I was convinced that the file was legit, and that it probably won't break things, I allowed the upgrade (which went very smoothly!). I then spent quite a bit of time verifying that MBAM is still working as intended, which it did. So I trust this file, I know this file, I used this file. Sadly, the one I did not do, is copy the file to another folder before the installer finished, and it was deleted. I know. I'm currently wearing that sign. 😀 But I digress ... so the file currently being downloaded from the download page on the MBAM website is this one: Version:, MD5: 83caf0b992dd5d57da15fedb067f53ab, SHA-1: 21f8efe01fc98b1cc0edc2d46c0c1dce97853875 That is an older version ( of the online installer. I realize that, should I use this version, I will probably end up in the same place. But probably is a word that keeps me up at night. 😜 So I would much rather just use the version that already passed my (non-trivial) vetting process and that I know worked flawlessly for me before. With all that said @nikhilsmentioned that the MBAM download page is downloading of the online installer but I'm still getting the old version of the online installer. What could be the issue? The only thing I can think of is DNS but I use Google DNS so seems unlikely. Is there a direct link to version of the online installer I can use? PS: Thanks for putting up with all this! 😂
  14. I'm aware. I had a completely pain-free update experience using though (nothing broke) so I would prefer sticking with that version since I know it did the job flawlessly last time. I'm extremely risk-averse.
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